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“You’re going to marry me,” announced Dominic. Cassandra had just lost her husband and was utterly shocked by her brother-in-law’s demand. He had come for her because it was written in her late husband’s will. Cassandra knows that Dominic considers her to be an unfaithful woman who is after the family fortune. However, she will lose custody of her precious daughter if she refuses. Is becoming a trophy wife in a loveless marriage the only path Cassandra can take? As she stares into his eyes while kissing him at their false wedding, Cassandra feels her hatred being overwhelmed by a burning passion...

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To the End 3  3

The heroine had a lot to deal with that began from the day she was assaulted and nearly raped by her husband's friend. She fought him off in time for the husband to come home but the friend starts spouting off about how she seduced and the husband believes him over her. This gets her a lot of hate from her in-laws who she loved. Then the husband extorts her to have his baby if she wants money to pay for her father's nursing home stay. He also wants it done through artificial insemination. Plus, despite her insistence that he stay, so she can take care of him, he goes to live with his parents. Therefore, the family believes she kicked out a sick man that earns her the undeserved hatred from all like the hero. After the husband's death, the hero states they're going to marry as husband's will states or he'll fight custody for her daughter. Seeing no other option, the heroine gives in. In doing so, she endures a lot of criticism and harshness from the hero's side of the family. She doesn't say anything because she knows that they won't believe like her husband didn't. They go on a "honeymoon" and yet, somehow, the heroine lets herself get swept away from him. Then the in-laws show, not only less than pleased about the nuptials but push for the hero to seek full custody like paying the heroine off (as if they know the heroine). The heroine hears all of it and she not only doesn't kick them out but asks them to stay in their house. I mean the mother apologizes but the insults never stop in the future. The heroine keeps secret about her time at her father's nursing home because she brings up volunteering and he shuts her down. When she learns of her sister's financial straits and tries a loan with the hero but he accuses her of a gambling addiction. It's not when she pawns the most valuable thing she has that he finally believes her. The man apologizes again and evens finds a job for the sister's husband. Then the heroine decides to extend an olive branch to the mother-in-law by putting together a Christmas party. Later, the hero finally learns what the money for the heroine has been for her father nursing home bills that his brother extorted his selfish desires. He learns and believes the heroine's story her "affair". He actually starts seeing her as this wonderful woman who was a victim of lies. Now, he feels guilty because he's got a big secret. None of this comes out of course till it comes to Christmas planning and the mother-in-law starts throwing all accusations towards the heroine. The heroine finally tells her the truth in a calm tone. The mother actually believes the heroine because it makes so much sense. She apologizes to the heroine then the hero reveals the big secret. Apparently, he's the little girl's biological father because his brother begged him. He didn't want to take the chance of passing his illness onto his children. The secret shakes the heroine's core and she bolts out of the room with the hero running after her. So, the hero in his weird way confesses his love for the heroine. He apologizes for his behavior but doesn't regret becoming the little girl's father. The heroine tells the hero that she loves him and we get a happy ending. ReplyForward

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