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One rainy night, Caitlin arrives at her new home in the French countryside only to discover it’s run-down and doesn’t even have electricity. Her old patient and friend Mard left her his old house, but this isn’t what she was expecting. Seeing an unfamiliar car parked in the driveway, Mard’s old friend Ray stops by to check on things. There he sees Caitlin, who’s unsure of what to do about her new situation. Despite being suspicious of Mard’s decision to leave Caitlin his old house, Ray invites her to stay at his own estate. Is Ray just being a friendly neighbor, or does he have ulterior motives in mind?

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Available until : Jun. 30th 2020(Monthly course($59.99)

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his impression of her 4  4

The hero doesn't have the best impression of the heroine because when he first met the heroine, she was in an tank top and short shorts, thinking she was taking care of his old friend when she came on her day off because the friend cried wolf to her. His opinion of the heroine does change; from bad to worse when the friend dies and leaves the heroine very expensive house on land that the hero wants. The hero takes the heroine to his place because of he depleted home isn't the best place to live, especially in the harsh rain. It's during the car ride, the heroine reveals the friend called her on her day off and that's why she was dressed that way and the hero believes her words and laughs at it. The hero then says that whenever the hero came to see the friend, the friend would praise the heroine and it made the hero think that the friend was in love with the heroine. Yet, it was not case because he hoped his words who encourage the hero to ask the heroine out on date. The hero thinks the heroine is with her fiancee of three years but the heroine ended their relationship because she found that he was a compulsive gambler and liar who stole all her valuables to exchange for money, took out loans in her name, and more. The friend warned her against him but she didn't believe it till she lost all her valuables. During their meal, the hero tries to convince the heroine to sell but she won't budge and even if she did, the condition in the will states that she has to live in the house for six months. The first trait they find attractive about each other is liking an challenge. The two start getting to know each other and find themselves falling for the other person. The heroine invites the heroine for a weekend in Paris that the heroine hesitates in going but then agrees to go. The trip has them reveal their hard events in their life and take a step forward in their relationship. Then the hero finds a loophole in the will that if the heroine gets married the the 6 month condition is exempted. The whole thing shocks him and he asks the heroine if she read the entire will and she replies that she didn't. Later, she finds a copy of the will in the hero's office that highlights the marriage part, along with an development plan on the property. She comes to the conclusion that the whole invitation from the hero was part of a diabolical plan to convince her to sell the property to him. The heroine confronts the hero and he's honest with her but he says that he wants to be with the heroine who doesn't believe in him and goes back to the countryside. In fact, it takes the underhanded tactic of cutting off the heroine's water from the hero to get her to talk to him. They meet in a marketplace where their argument becomes a public spectacle. So, the hero announces to their audience that he's in love with the heroine and swears to never hurt her. The heroine is shocked by his public announce and believes that he truly loves her. The two kiss and run off with the crowd cheering them on. When they're back at the house, he asks the heroine to marry him and the heroine agrees.

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Cute story 5  5

Excellent story.

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