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Sharon has a terrible fall in the middle of the street and she is saved by a gentleman wearing a high-end suit. She thinks she will never see him again, but he comes to pick her up in his expensive car the very next day! Sharon promises herself not to fall in love with someone from a different world and to stay rational. But he proposes to her on their second date and Sharon is on cloud nine. She is so happy that he is serious about her. But on the day of their wedding, she hears terrible words that are the opposite of true love…

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becky's comment - December 29th, 2017

It all happened too fast and just as you thought heroine met a handsome and rich guy and married the next moment, it is just the beginning of her misery.

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working in the marriage 3  3

The hero and heroine meet by chance and it's a whole whirlwind romance with the heroine finding out about his job of a CEO to his high society family. He asks her to marry him and she says yes, she's over the moon with joy. That is until she overhears her new sister-in-law telling another person the only reason the hero was marrying the heroine was to get the CEO chair from another relative because his father ordered him to get married. Now, the words the sister uses are way too close to be called a coincidence with how the hero and heroine first met. She waits till after the wedding to confront but their conversation turns ugly. The whole thing ends with the hero believing the heroine only married him for his money and the heroine still believing in the sister's words. Within a few days of their cold marriage, she gets a makeover and her looks attracts the attention of a big figure for a world renowned fashion magazine. He wants the heroine has the front cover girl and at first she refuses but later on agrees to it. This is after she decides to take a chance with the hero and say earnestly that she loves him. He says he doesn't believe her and it stems from hearing his parents say it but never mean it. The whole thing is a lot of work and to the heroine, it looks bleak. Which is why she left the hero, went for the job with a contract that states she can't be pregnant. She signs but finds out a couple months later that she is pregnant. The guy brings up abortion but she shuts it down. She tells the hero who takes her by the arm gently and tells her that everything is going to be okay. Months pass with the hero being a great help and the heroine reflecting on everything. She decides to take one more chance in rebuilding the hero's trust in her. It doesn't take long for the hero to reveal that he's trusted her for a long time among other things but things kept getting in the way like the past. In the end, the hero and heroine make new start and we see at the end that the heroine is back to being the front girl with her newborn baby.

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