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Four months ago, on a trip to the country of Bahania, Cleo becomes involved with Prince Sadik, a member of the royal family. But after making love, Sadik gives Cleo expensive gifts, making her feel like a prostitute. What a fool I am! To imagine that a prince could love a country girl like me… Fearing this empty feeling, Cleo flees back home. But now she is plunged back into the drama. And in her womb, a secret grows that may mark her as a possession of the royal family!

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Stubborn 4  4

The heroine is faced with a hard situation of going to her sister by bond's wedding because it's where the baby's father who is the crown prince lives and as well the sister's half brother. She goes because she treasures her sister and thinks that she can hide it. However, her pregnancy reaches the hero's ears and he confronts her on it. I must say the man was quite haughty and arrogant throughout the book with the heroine ignoring his direct orders and he questioning her intelligence because she left and she's not coming back to apologize but to her sister's wedding. Plus, throughout the book, the hero claims that the baby is a boy because he's the prince and not doubts about it that I was wishing and begging the baby was a girl. Spoiler: wish granted and both he and the king act like they knew it was a girl. The two have a shotgun wedding and begin new life as newly weds. The hero does have a good points with being attentive to the heroine by bringing her breakfast in bed, talking to the baby, massaging her legs and feet for good circulation. However, he's still learning to be a listener and a supporter to the heroine who wants to go to university and learn because instead of giving wish of books and education plan, he gives her a checkbook and credit card. Luckily, her father-in-law is there to help her in her mission in granting her wish and pushing the hero to understand and realize a great many things. That's what made it fun for me to see the hero flustered over the heroine defying his orders and not doing what he expects her to do. The heroine learns that the hero was once engaged but his fiancee died in a car crash after a fight with the hero. So, the hero shut off his heart to keep from being hurt. The heroine thinks it's because the man loved the woman but the other sister states that it's more like he feels guilt rather than love. The hero and heroine also open up to each other about the hard parts in their lives with the heroine being in foster care then having one bad lover after the next and the hero dealing with the pain of not being enough reason for his mother to keep from committing suicide. Finally, the heroine tells the hero she loves him but he doesn't return the sentiment and thanks her for it. The heroine hurt by his words begs the King to let her go back home and he allows when he heard what happened between the hero and heroine. Once, the hero hears of the heroine's departure, he makes a fuss but the King scolds him for not taking care of the heroine and forbids him from going after the heroine. However, the hero doesn't listen and goes after the heroine. During the car race, he sees an accident and thinks the heroine was in it but she wasn't. He makes it just in time as the heroine is walking to the plane but is stopped by the guards. The heroine grants his request of a few minutes with her and he expresses how happy he is that she is alive. He talks about how the crash made him realize the difference between his feelings for her and the dead fiancee. He also admits that he's been in love ever since he first saw her but was afraid to admit his feelings. he asks the heroine for a second chance and she gives him that second chance. It was a nice ending.

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