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When Leigh was eighteen, she fell in love with the multi-millionaire Raoul at first sight, and they were married. Their sweet and gorgeous life as newlyweds seemed like a dream… and the young and innocent Leigh was soon entranced with Raoul. But that life suddenly ended. One day, Leigh saw a beautiful woman lying in her bed, and ran out of the house, stricken with despair… It’s been five years since then. Leigh’s artistic talent was recognized by society, and she is invited to a party as an artist, where she and Raoul are reunited. “You’re still my wife, aren’t you?” Raoul says, stealing a kiss like it was the most natural thing in the world!

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What we bring into marriage 3  3

The heroine has been living separated from her husband for five years when she discovered a naked friend in their bed with the hero just coming out of the shower. The hero tries to proclaim his innocence but the heroine only hears the friend's words and her own and runs out of the door. The whole scene stems not just from instinct but fear that she would suffer in a marriage like her mother did with a philandering husband. Not to mention that when the heroine married the hero, she was just 18 and judging from how old she looked when her mother died after the father left them, was probably 15 to16. The heroine's last words to the hero was how he always kept her sheltered and caged and he decides back off and give her a chance to spread her wings. Now, the hero works throughout the entire book to win back the heroine's trust and love and she makes him fight for it. The heroine slowly sees and hears about the hero's love for her through learning out he took a long vacation from work, so he could spend as much time as possible before going back, keeping their wedding photo close, and taking her thoughts into account by building a medical facility for a island they stayed at for their honeymoon. The heroine doesn't believer or trust in him till she hears bathroom gossip about the hero still pining for his wife. She finally asks what happens and he said nothing. That night, he had only come out of the shower to have the heroine slap him and run out then see what was going. The heroine starts to let the hero in till she sees the same woman from that night hugging the hero and she thinks he's cheating on her. So, she runs off and two months pass by. She learns the from their time together that she's conceived. The hero comes in and after a bit of a cartuffle, the hero demands the heroine to listen to him. He says that the OW came to apologize to the heroine for what she did because her reason was her marriage wasn't going good at the time. The heroine realizes her mistake and apologizes to the hero and who forgives her and he admits to doubting their relationship when it came to a friend who was a friend. It was a nice ending, just too bad about not being the child.

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