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Emmie is a hard-working executive assistant who’s so modest and unassuming that it annoys even her boss, Bastian. One day, he learns that she’s listed on the website of an escort company and calls her into his office to ask about it. The truth is that Emmie’s mother runs the escort company and put up a photo of Emmie without asking. Emmie is furious, but when her mother tells her that there’s one customer who insisted on seeing her, Emmie agrees to go out with him, just once. But then she learns that the customer is none other than… her boss!

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Available until : Jun. 30th 2020(Monthly course($59.99)

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meeting through escorts 3  3

The heroine was stuck in this one because of her selfish and greedy mother who used her college picture in an escort website without her permission, which was seen by her boss. Not the best thing for the heroine who is being blackmailed by the hero to act as his girlfriend to his sister's wedding. To be fair, the heroine only goes along with it in the first place in order for her mother to take down the photo and pay the mother back for the surgery to heal her legs. Rant: PAY HER BACK!!! A mother shouldn't use the surgery in order to help her daughter walk as a way to control in her but what am I saying? That woman isn't a mother, not one bit. The hero thinks the heroine is going to use the opportunity she has with the hero to seduce but she just sleeps hard on the plane, astounding the hero that there could actually be a woman who can ignore him. However, they become deeply attracted to each other and have a passionate night but ends sourly. The hero finds out the heroine is a virgin and there's a fight starts with what the heroine is scheming and why was she on the escort website. The heroine reveals it's her mother's website and she's been forcing her to do in return for paying back the debt of paying for the heroine's surgery. The next morning, the heroine learns that the hero's ex-fiancee is one of the sister's bridesmaids and she's so flamboyant. The woman acts like the wedding is just another party for her to show herself off, ignoring the fact it's her friend's wedding. It's not the only thing she ignores, the heroine as well since the heroine is with the hero. After the wedding, the OW pulls the "The hero was with me last night" trick and the heroine believes her. She leaves both the hero's homeland and company but discovers three weeks later that she's expecting. She doesn't get much of a chance to think when the hero finds her again and I did like that she was honest with him and told him about her pregnancy. We have the usual spat and it ends with the heroine going to live with the hero. However, even with the happy news of twins, there is still distance between the two people. The heroine is afraid of the hero throwing her away and decides that before he does that she'll run away. She ends up at her older's sister's home where she learns from her brother-in-law that it was the older sister, not the mother who paid for the heroine's surgery. She also gets a call from her estranged twin sister that the hero confronted her, thinking she was the heroine and now knew where the heroine is. The hero barges in just as the heroine trips into her brother-in-law's arms. The hero tackles the brother but the heroine shouts out that he's her brother-in-law and then the brother-in-law punches the hero. The hero confesses that he needs the heroine in his life just for herself and no one else. They confess their love, hold each other, and kiss. It was a very nice ending.

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Good but could've been better! 4  4

It's so good but it could've been better! I wanted to see more!

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