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In the desert country of Jemeya, Princess Marina had a strict upbringing bound by old laws. “But, can I really continue living my life in which I'm married off to someone my father chose for me?” She leaps out of the country and graduats from an American university where she falls in love with Sheikh Bahir. But, the price to freely love who she wants is more than she bargained for. As he coldly tells her, "Love and family are a hindrance to me," she leaves without saying a word. I'll keep holding on to that secret I can never speak of.

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seeing her in a new light 3  3

The hero and heroine were once in a relationship but the hero ended it when the heroine brought up the subject of children. After four years of gambling & scandals, the two are brought back tougher when the antagonist from the previous novel pushes the heroine's royal family to set her up with some sort of guard for the heroine, despite having brought shame on the family with the scandals like having two children out of wedlock. I must say that I rather like the heroine for her bravery & self- sacrifice. She has held her head high and facing the world and all it's vile words to protect the ones she loves. she challenges the customs in her homeland to better the education for women. These are things the hero never notices till they reunite again. Then when he drops her off in her home in Tuscany where he sees the little boy and the notices the family resemblance between the boy and himself, deducing that he's his son. The hero says a lot of rude things to the heroine like how's she is unfit to be a mother but he somehow manages to convince her to bring the kids to the desert. The heroine calls him out for his cold attitude towards the daughter & herself as well as not calling the son by his name. The hero makes a new start by calling the son by his name and suggests taking the little girl to see the goats since she's afraid of the camels. Later that night, the hero learns the heroine never received any help from her family nor has her father forgiven her. He tells her that he takes back his words of calling her an unfit mother. They share a kiss but the heroine stops the hero & tells him that they can't and he knows why. they have good times but a scary moment finally has the hero open up about his family. He lived in a small happy village and was sent to England for a better education. During his time abroad, his entire village were tipped out by an illness and he was raised by horrible foster family. The whole thing made the hero put a wall to any form of connection. The vulnerability the hero shows gives them a chance to connect more deeper than bforebut it does not to clear the misunderstandings. Now, the hero asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes. Then she start talking about how she wants to go to the Tuscany home but the hero won't listen to her explanation as to why till she shows him a picture of a couple. The heroine says the couple are the real parents of the daughter who took care of the heroine when she was pregnant and alone. They died in an accident and the heroine consulted with a lawyer that it would be better if everyone thought the daughter was her in order to keep her from the friend's abusive father. The heroine rejects the hero's proposal and runs back to the tents and learns the little girl has disappeared. The hero finds her first, admitting his wrongs of being horrible to the daughter and heroine. Then the daughter tells him that she loves him. They head back to the heroine and the hero apologizes for all the hurtful things he said as well as admitting he went to see hr four years ago but found her in the company of another man who happened to be the friend's husband. He admits his cowardice because how strongly he felt about the heroine. He also says that he wants to marry the heroine not out convenience but because he needs her due the fact that he loves her. The heroines confesses that she's never stopped loving him and accepts his proposal. A year passes and we're at the hero and heroine's wedding where bridges have been mended and the hero and heroine being their journey as a family.

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