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It’s been six months since she inherited her late husband’s fortune, and Neve has been struggling with her fourteen-year-old stepdaughter, Hannah, ever since. One night Neve almost gets lost in a snowstorm while running after Hannah, but she’s determined to keep going until she finds her. Suddenly a beautiful godlike man comes to rescue her. He calls himself Severo, and he carries her into a nearby house when Neve tries to continue her mission to rescue Hannah in the storm. They end up trapped by the snow and must spend the night together… What will become of Hannah? And what will happen between Severo and Neve?

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3.5 not bad a little fast 4  4

The heroine is the stepmother to a young who has been rebelling her at every turn, despite knowing the heroine is a good person. The heroine even goes as far to steal the hero's car to catch the girl. Yet, she crashes the car and nearly freezes to death till the hero rescues her. They end up finding shelter at a house whose occupants seemed to have left in a hurry to deliver their baby due to the nursery. The hero and heroine spend some time together and have a wonderful time till the storm blows over. They become intimate and along get into a relationship. Once they get back, we have one more confrontation with the stepdaughter who the hero sets straight that the heroine really cares about her. Then the hero learns about the heroine's husband was a rich and old man The whole thing brings up some bad memories to the hero about having a stepmother who was a materialistic woman with only enough love for herself who destroyed the hero's relationship with his father. The heroine sees the hero judges just like the others and ends their connection. She also sees the OW calling herself Mrs. Hero and the heroine thinks the hero was cheating on his wife with her. The girl finally opens up to the heroine and they rebuild their broken relationship. The hero doesn't know what to do with the heroine is but he comes with a plan when he gets word from the young girl that the heroine is pregnant. They have a confrontation on the whole thing with the hero learning that the heroine donated half of her dead husband's fortune to charities and the heroine learns the Mrs. Hero is really his stepmother who is really young. The hero insists on marriage but the heroine says no since the hero doesn't trust her So, he comprises with the heroine and the stepdaughter staying at his place since the stepdaughter is worrying about the heroine. Then the heroine hears word that the hero has no money and goes to his company to wire him what is left of the fortune. The hero is shocked and awed by her willingness to let go. He reveals the newspaper was false because his stepmother was haggling him for money and she went to the papers believing he was broke. The whole thing gives ground way for the two to confess their love. It nicely with a wedding where the stepdaughter calls the hero's stepmother grandma (Smart say, stepdaughter). The couple from the house are there and we end it on a happy note.

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