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Nadine didn’t know what to do. She was asked to be a surrogate mother by her friend Lisa, and how could she refuse? But the agreement requires her to spend the night with Lisa’s husband, Cameron, and Nadine is worried that the feelings she’s long supressed might resurface. She has been secretly in love with Cameron for six years, and the morning after sleeping with Cameron, her heart is filled with regret. But then Nadine catches Lisa cheating on Cameron, and she must decide what that will mean for her and Cameron.

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Its good 4  4

I think its a good story but it could be better.

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Terms of possesion 3  3

If you met someone and fall in love...just say it loudry to him or her

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stand your ground 2.5 3  3

I was really not impressed with the some of the things on the story by my own opinion. 1) What kind of a woman like the hero's wife, OW would push her husband and apparently, her best friend to engage in coitus because she can't have a baby and wants a baby with the hero's DNA. Now, I admire women who become surrogate for their friends. They did pay her a lot of money; money that she used for her mother's surgery. However, I drew the line at the cold woman pushing the her husband and best friend to do the traditional way of making a baby. They weren't financially strapped considering the wife is a lawyer and the hero is a famous prosecutor, meaning he has wealthy clients. It would be a simple drive to the gynecologist's office. Yet no! The hero and heroine should have drove the stick in the mud making a line for that woman. I can't imagine how the poor hero felt with his wife demanding such a thing of him and this is after he tries to make it work with despite the fact that the only reason why he married her in the first place was a lie she conjured by saying she was pregnant and he find out about her lie. Unfortunately, the hero and heroine buckle to the woman's demands and do the deed. Sadly, after the confirmation that the heroine is pregnant with the man that she secretly loved, she finds the Wife smooching with another man and can't stand the idea of giving the baby to a woman who lied to her face and used her body. The heroine calls to tell the hero that she plans to keep the baby. That is when the crud hits the fan and basically keep hitting for half of the book. The hero comes in like a bull in a china shop, shouting that he's going to make her pay the money with her body. Oh, it get better when he tells the heroine that the Wife has run off on him with her lover to France. 2) They can't seem to communicate with each other. Now, the two of them are in a fix and it seems that both of them aren't clicking nor are they sitting down on the couch to talk to one another. They also seem to keep saying the wrong thing to one another so it gets tiring. It doesn't help that the Wife dies in a car accident and the hero pushes the heroine to marry him so the baby won't be born illegitimate, nor the fact the now dead wife's cousin is stirring the pot, making trouble. I couldn't find much enjoyment except for a few scenes where they weren't talking and seemed to be looking up. The two of them can't seem to make a connection till after the heroine goes into labor at the court house. The ending was sweet but the whole journey of reading wasn't something agreeable.

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Interesting 3  3

Well, the plot was a little different from many books I've read. Hero was married to a woman who couldn't have kids and so heroine was asked by wife to sleep with hero so she could have a baby. A SWEET STORY. Then you see the wife is having an affair and heroine wants to keep the baby now, hero wants to be part of the baby's life and wife runs off with lover. Oh and did I mention heroine has been in love with hero since before he got married? Anyway, just like many stories, there's a few misunderstandings and no one wants to talk about them. Then there's the wife's cousin... I HATE HER! Wife died and hero and heroine gets married, and now cousin is stirring up trouble like dead wife! She's not even sorry and I think the book would dive in a little more into this. Ending was a little rushed but I liked where this was going. I'm not so sure if this is worth buying though. Maybe use points first.

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YES! YES! YES! 5  5

YES! Something different! The story is so refreshing from other HQ stories. I like this a lot! The scenes were so bold it made me so excited to see the next page.

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