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Kristen fell hopelessly in love with Sergio, a billionaire more than ten years older than her, when she visited Sicily while on vacation. It was the burning first love of summer…and it turned out she was the only one who thought it was the love of a lifetime. Sergio says he can’t imagine having a family and just wants to keep her next to him. Is he asking her to be his lover? Kristen leaves him behind while holding in the pain of her broken heart. Four years later, Kristen, now a mother, reads about Sergio’s engagement in a newspaper. It seems he’s ready for that family now…

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10 years 4  4

I could never understand the why they had the 10 year age old between the two of them, the 19 year old nineteen innocent girl whose head is up in the clouds and the 29 year old man who just lets it go. To me, it was a bit boring over the whole the certain age set between the two but was a decent read. We have the hero and heroine met on the beach and while the heroine is in fairytale with her mature exotic lover, the hero is playing out the future plans of his mistress. If you think I'm wrong then listen to his words, "I truly intend to keep you close, make love to you...Is that not enough? Do you meant to be a mistress? If you want to call it that then yes." Wow, that really screwed that girl's fairy tale dreams. Of course, the heroine rejects the hero's offer and flies back to England with a special care package. We fast forward four years to where the heroine is still grieving over her mother's death, caring for her son, and working as a physiotherapist. However, because her mother's divorce turned the heroine's mother into a shopaholic, the heroine now has debts to pay and little pay to pay for new shoes and shirt for her growing three old boy. When her debts have become too much and the hero is in town, she sees little choice but to go to the hero for financial help. However, when she gets to the party, she hears that it's supposed to be the announcement for the hero and a bigwig's daughter's engagement. The hero see the heroine's blonde waves and immediately runs after her. One thing leads to another but before she can tell him that he's a father, she falls right back into bed with him. However, she wakes up and finds the hero still in the clothes he made to her in, telling on the phone that he's going back to party, and there's a pile of money on the drawer. She connects the dots and runs off before the hero can get a hold of her. The hero finds the heroine again and this time with her little son and he's able to connect the dots on who's the father of that sweet little boy. They do clear up some things like the money left on the drawer. The hero wants to be involved with the kid and I found the scene where the hero bathes the little boy to be very cute. I felt that I should be surprised when the heroine actually sat in the hero's lap but I also knew that I shouldn't be considering how they reunited. The next morning, the hero and the son wake up early and the hero finds some big bruises on the boy's back. He whisks the boy away and the heroine wakes up to find the family lawyer who declares the hero called for emergency custody because he found some large bruises on his son's back and the lawyer does give her a plane ticket to speak with the hero. The poor heroine is so distraught over the whole situation, the first thing she does is slap the hero hard and I don't blame her for that action because I would have done the same but if I was in the hero's shoes then I would have done the same thing. He came to the conclusion based on the fact that he was beaten as a child by his mother after his parent's divorce. He was just trying to protect his child, so I don't blame him. I did like that the little boy got along with his deaf cousin. It was quite cute. I was happy that our couple sat down and he explained his actions. We then see that there is some tension with the family from recent and long past events like the little girl's deafness makes some members of the family have a hard time to communicate with her and how the hero has closed off his heart to his father and brother because of the life he lived with his mother. The father does want to reconnect with his son but it's hard.I did like the final scene where the hero was finally able to open up about his fears of loving again. It was a good ending.

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