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Aimée was about to be sold by her father. Fearing she will become a plaything for some repulsive nobleman, she runs away, escaping from London to Yorkshire. With a job as a governess, she has a fleeting dream of a steady life. But her new employer, Earl Bowdon, wants to make Aimée his mistress! Driven to despair, Aimée flees once again. What will become of her?

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becky's comment - January 5th, 2018

I love the beautiful drawing of this comic. Poor heroine with such evil father but so glad she was sold to a nice employer .

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a funny misunderstanding romance 4  4

The heroine makes a run for it when her gambling father uses her virginity as collateral to a man who's known for his devilish ways. She answers an ad for a governess and while she is greeted with warm smiles and wonderful hospitality but imagine her surprise when she arrives it was all a trick. The hero says that he's invited her to be his mistress, which she believe he means like a lover. So, she once again makes a run for it but sprains her ankle and is found by the hero. He takes her back to receive treatment then explains he needs a wife not a lover. Both are surprised by each other's words but they wait till morning to clear up all the misunderstandings. The hero needs a wife in order to throw off matriarchal witch from pressuring to marry her daughter or what his sailor comrades/servants call, "Princess Jellyfish". Personally, he would leave the land and go back to the sea but when he saw the state of poor living for the tenants, he couldn't just leave. He also discounts love because his last marriage, his wife took not only a large chunk of his wealth but also many lovers. Then when he came back with one good eye, she took one look and ran off but died in the epidemic. After careful consideration, the heroine accepts the hero's proposal. They have a shotgun wedding but the hero hears the heroine crying and thinks she's frightened when she couldn't be more than overjoyed. So, nothing happens that night except the heroine learning about the hero's past as stated earlier from being a poor doctor's son to inheriting the title that really burn the britches on the old matron. That is until she found out how rich the man was and started throwing her daughter at the hero. They head off to the manor where the heroine makes her first contact with the enemy who sizes her up but can't call her out on manners because they are so good. She handles herself well against the old bat and that night is when the hero and heroine finally become one. When the heroine is asleep, he discovers her petticoat with gold coins sewn into them and starts to wonder who the heroine is. During this time, the old bat has made some investigations to discredit the hero and heroine. She then overhears the hero and the old bat arguing about the heroine. When the bat makes a major insult, the heroine reveals her true birth of being from a noble old family. She even gives the name of her mother and her grandfather's name. The old bat has more insults but the hero orders her out of the room since she's no longer the head honcho. The hero believes the heroine and she apologizes for lying to him. The next morning, the heroine out to see the beauty of the land but when she comes back, she finds out that a gentleman from London is here to see her. The woman thinks it's the man who can prove the heroine is a liar but the heroine worries it's the devil man. So, she makes a run for it but is stopped by the hero who states that he loves her. The heroine confesses her love as well but was afraid to admit it since she was hired to act as a bride. He says that he left for London to met the devil man who was only trying to save the heroine from a bad situation and didn't mind her taking all the money and making a run for it. When they arrive back at the mansion, it turns out that it's the heroine's grandfather who states that the heroine is telling the truth and makes the old bat looks quite foolish. It's a lovely meeting between the heroine and her grandfather. It's a happy ending for all and I enjoyed reading this book.

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