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Interior designer Eva received a job offer from Markos to renovate his penthouse in New York. Markos is a rich and successful playboy who is known for toying with women and then dumping them. Eva hears the rumor about his reputation from her cousin, one of his recent victims. And then Markos sets his eyes upon Eva, who has canceled her appointment with him twice. Not able to forget her painful past, Eva attempts avoid Markos’s advances, yet somehow she finds herself kissing him anyway…

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I liked it. 4  4

The hero has been trying to get the elusive interior designer for months but every appointment, she's had to cancel. It's only at a social party that he finally meets her and gives this funny little conversation of getting her to come to one of the appointments. The heroine wants nothing to do with the hero since he cruelly dumped her cousin who told the heroine all about it. This is coming from the heroine who dealt with a cheating husband, but that's the cherry on top. She does meet with the hero but their first meeting is topsy turvy. The heroine does take the job and it gives the hero the chance to see how passionate she is about her work. Then the heroine reveals her source for all the bad rumors and the hero turns red with anger. He reveals that he hired the cousin to do professional work and only that but she wanted more. She snuck into his hotel room and waited for him in her birthday suit but he kicked her out and fired her. So in revenge, she spread vile gossip about him. The heroine sees the connection that the cousin called her to tell the her about the hero after the heroine got the job. The heroine apologizes and the hero only accepts the apology if the heroine will come with him to a party as his date. Although, it turns out to be her worst nightmare because it's the home of her former in-laws. The hero sees the family affection but also tension when the heroine meets her ex-father-in-law and her ex-husband with his new and pregnant wife. This really sets the heroine off because her ex was infertile and despite her support and alternatives of adoption and insemination, he still had an affair. It also means the new wife only got pregnant by artificial insemination but the ex didn't want to do it with the heroine. The hero learns bits and pieces and then catches the ex making threats and advances on the heroine. Apparently, he wants to keep the fertility test a secret and makes crude slander till the hero intervenes and gives him a good shove. He takes her to a bar and she unleashes her past woes to him. Later, they enter a physical relationship. Things go well till the heroine meets one of the hero's exes who's just a friend. The hero can't stop think about the heroine and it's something that's never happened before. When they get again, she reveals her plan of being artificial inseminated and it sparks a fight that leads to more coitus. Things go stagnant till the heroine's project is complete. He goes to the heroine's home to confess that life without her is not complete and he sees the chair that the two commented on in her living room. They both decide to create a home together for three and it ends quite nicely.

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