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Accused of being boring when she was dumped by her boyfriend, May decided to prove the world wrong by accepting a rich man’s invitation to stay in a luxurious Manhattan hotel for five nights! But in the end, he never showed up. She came all the way to New York…only to be alone? The despairing May is encouraged by a friend to go on an adventure, so once May has bolstered her courage, she puts on high heels, goes into a fashionable bar and pretends to be a completely different person, cool and urbane. There she meets local author Beck Desmond. It’s decided—this plain country flower is going to become a bright city light!

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It was delightful. 4  4

After six years of dating the same guy and loving him to a fault, he dumps her for being boring and predictable. It really strikes a nerve with her and decides to take a chance by accepting the "invitation" of a rich pen pal. A fancy hotel room in New York with the guy for five days. She leaves her small town and thinks she's find a great guy only to have him cancel on her but charge things to his hotel tab. She meets the famous author (the hero) who asks for her help on his new book that isn't wowing his editor. The next morning, she plans to leave till she meets hotel's gardner who's the eyes and ears of the place. Once she learns of the heroine's relationship with the rich man, she warns the heroine about this being the man's usual spot to hide his mistresses from his wife. This really throws and hurts the heroine but the woman tells her the best thing to do is to stay her days at a hotel he's paying for and rack up the tab. She knows because she's done it before. The heroine needs only to look at the hero to make her decision and stay at the hotel. From there, she helps him with his writing after calling her ex then learning over the phone that he's been cheating on her for a while. They become close even after the hero learns the heroine isn't experienced in "showing". It's because he wants to see the real her. Then their relationship becomes uncertain with how they want to take it. The hero takes the first step by offering her his place, wanting her stay with him and even the gardener is offering her an apprenticeship. Then she and the hero stay over his place. The next morning, she heads back to the hotel to find the ex has been waiting for her all night. He's come to take her back to fix things up. Their talk brings up a lot of things but the heroine realizes that throughout their entire discussion, the man has never asked her how she feels. Not to mention, he's been undermining her value about the hero who's a celebrity would never go for her. She tells the guy that she's not going with him. Then calls the hero to let him know and he gets a call from the editor about how great his new book is. She even reveals that within the writing that the hero has confessed he's fallen in love with the heroine. He goes after the heroine and there's bit of a confrontation between him and the Ex. The guy leaves and the heroine takes a walk with the hero. She reveals her plans to stay and confesses her love to him. He confesses his love for her and we get a happy ending.

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