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Four years ago Lucy, a world-famous model, vanished from sight. Now she lives in the scorching land of Andalusia, where she devotes herself to nursing an injured professor. And her heart, once frozen by scandal, is beginning to melt in the hot Spanish sun. At the same time, a seemingly menacing man appears. He owns the land she’s been living on and is the older brother of Ramon, who has been showing an interest in Lucy. He viciously insults Lucy and offers her money to leave his land, which she firmly rejects. Will they be able to find a way around this impasse?

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I hate the hero 1  1

I despise the hero in this story so much. He said rude things to the heroine n made assumption of his own. Then suddenly he wanted her. No proper apologies even though his attitude changed later on towards her, but why many stories of harlequin has to be like this. To make matter worse the heroine just so easily accepted him in her bed,gaah. What's wrong with her head..though i dislike the free preview i did still rent the book, hope some miracle in the stories but it's not as I m expected. Well reading harlequin sometimes like a gambling ^_^'

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learning who one truly is 3  3

The heroine was a model but was chased out from the industry because of all the harassment she faced for "seducing" a married CEO who's well know in the industry for being a skirt chaster. He made his usual offers of helping advance the heroine's career on the condition of a sexual favor but the heroine rejected it all. A man who doesn't take well to rejection made sure to destroy by having his wife create lies about the heroine destroying their marriage and turning the media against the heroine. The heroine doesn't want to play their games and takes the beating from all. Four years go by since then and She goes to visit an old professor who's leg is broken and she needs a caretaker for herself and her donkeys. It's there that she meets the hero's younger brother who's an lazy irresponsible boy that's head over heels for her and the cynic hero who wishes she would just disappear. Right off the bat of their first meeting, he warns the heroine to stay away from the brother but it's those words he needs to tell the brother and not the heroine because the heroine can't seem to shake off the boy not matter how polite she is with him. He accuses her of trying to get money out of the brother. She leaves having the last word against the hero on how sad it must be to be surrounded by people who want him only for his money. When she comes back to her place, she finds a young girl being thrown off a horse. She manages to save the little girl but the hero comes barreling in like a bull sees red person. He tells the heroine to stay away from the girl like she accusing her of moving on to his daughter. First, the daughter was on the heroine's property and how could the woman ignore the girl being thrown off her horse. What was she supposed to do, not help? Then the heroine is invited by the little girl as a thank you for saving her and apologizing for her uncle's silly behavior. The heroine can't resist an invitation but the sweet girl but she receives a hot and cold welcome from hero and his brother. Imagine the hero's surprise when he learns the heroine is a graduate of cambridge university who's acting as a caretaker for her professor who's famous to the hero. When the little girl goes to bed, the heroine puts no to the hero's offer to drive her home because she's done with his words and attitude but the hero is a forceful man. He throws the heroine into his car and as he drives her back, he does the usual spiel about the brother. The heroine is a force as well because she grabs the brake to push it to a stop. They fight with the heroine saying she only came to take care of the professor but somehow, the hero gets it into his head that since the heroine isn't looking for money then she must be looking for a coitus with foreigners. So, he decides to volunteer his services by offering her a passionate kiss. They don't see each other till the heroine takes a fall off one of the hero's horses when the brother pushes her to go riding with him and his horrible food causes a real stomach pain sends her to into a sickly state. The hero manages to find her and get her to proper care. The hero actually does something nice to the heroine like giving her medical care and sending someone to check on the professor and her donkeys. Although , it hasn't stopped him from being a jerk to the heroine. It's only till he gets it from the horse's mouth that the heroine has been rejecting the brother this whole time and has never been with him. This just spurs him on go running back to the heroine and her bed. I really don't know what's worse because him jumping into bed with the heroine before apologizing for his rude words or the heroine allowing him to jump into bed with her. Now, he finds out the truth that married man was lying because he just slept with the heroine who was once a virgin. He gets the full story about it as well as how she only wanted the money to get away from her domineering father. The hero sees that she was comparing herself with his daughter. Afterwards, they go at it like rabbits for the next week. The heroine thinks the hero is only there for the sex but he starts to prove otherwise when he misses an important business meeting to help her deliver a baby donkey. The heroine also confronts her feelings that she's in love with the hero. The donkeys also help encourage the hero's daughter to stop skipping school and make an effort to study. The heroine learns that the hero's first marriage was one of convenience because he got the childhood friend pregnant when he was drunk and was doing the right thing. However, their parenting styles clashed with the woman spoiling the child and one of their fights led her to ride a horse that she fell off and died. The heroine sets to leave for a family's wedding but she does tell the hero. When she gets to the airport, she is seen by the CEO and his wife who have more vile words to say but the hero is there to shut them up, especially how they are here in Spain because number of people wanting to work for or with is dwindling quick. On the plane ride, the two confess their love for each other. It was an okay ending but it was a little tiring with the hero making all his accusations.

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