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During her spring break, Isabella, a college student from the United States, visited Rome. There she met Antonio when she asked him for directions. Attracted to each other like magnets, they started dating after spending the night together. But the happiest moment of her life ends when Antonio dumps her without any explanation. That’s when Giovanni, Antonio’s older brother, volunteers his moral support to Isabella. While comforting her, he offers her a drink and suddenly Isabella finds herself caught between two brothers and accused of cheating! How is Isabella ever to win back Antonio’s love?

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becky's comment - January 12th, 2018

Hero frustration is understandable, he must be so hurt by his love ones but I like how he tried to keep his calm.

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pulled into the family dramatics 2  2

The poor heroine was pulled into the family dramatics that began with parents' favoritism over eldest being successor till the stupid dad got it in his head to see who's the more successful will be the heir. So, the hero desperate not to be listed as the back-up heir and receive acknowledgement works hard. When he started making progress, his big stupid, insecure, and downright creep of a brother started using underhanded means to get him to fail and look bad. Example: he cheated on an college exam and placed blame on the hero. The hero got disowned by his father but they reconciled after he made the billion. So, the brother has always tried some form to hurt the hero. I was wanted to whack the brother over with a rolling pin, drag him to the bathroom and wash his mouth with soap!!! I was real ticked. Now, the hero was in a relationship with the heroine that he tried to keep secret (by not taking her out or anything) but the brother found out and started whispering to the hero that the heroine was cheating on him with him. The hero of course is going to believe it and kicks the heroine without an explanation. She begs and cries in a vulnerable state when the shark of a brothers goes in. He offers his "advice" to help the heroine win back the hero but spikes her drink and rapes her. Once, they're awake, he tells her that he was the mastermind behind it all. Forget the rolling pin! Bring out the Shovel with a dull edge!! The freaks out the heroine and she works her way for three months to save up and buy a plane ticket home. Only three months later, the brother dies in an accident but he left a lot of stock, money, and etc. to the heroine. So, the hero's greedy and blind mother gets the hero to see the heroine and have her sign away her rights. The hero goes and it's a fight that escalates into the hero finding out she's pregnant with his brother's baby. For half of the book, it's the heroine and the hero fighting a lot from his accusations and her defense. The heroine has the side battle of dealing with the hero's mother who's more than peeved. It's not until around page 96 where the hero says that he believes her and we skip about 2 months. The heroine is happy but she overhears the hero and his mother. The woman can't stop bragging about the hero not only succeeding in the plan to bring back their stocks but they'll take the heroine's baby from her. This is all in the hero's mother tongue but she understands them perfectly. She tells him that she's leaving and not listen nor believe a word the hero says. She catches him on his words that he did know the mother's plan, despite he saying he loves her. She walks out the door and four months later, gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. She finds the hero in her hospital room who came as soon as he heard the heroine went into labor. They have a sit down where the hero wants to support the heroine even if it's from afar because he does love her. He goes on about how he'll keep proposing to her till she says yes and more. This conversation is actually why I gave a second star on the book. The ending was alright, but I was hoping for a more of raking the hero's mother over the coals a bit. However, the whole story just wasn't my cup of tea.

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