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Lee despairs that she’ll never meet the right man, since she seems to have a knack for dating all the wrong men. But maybe she doesn’t need to meet Mr. Right—maybe she’s already met him. Trevor has been her best friend since their college days, and Lee thinks he could be her perfect partner. But she’ll need more than a best friend—she’ll need sexual chemistry, too! To see if it could work, Lee proposes that she and Trevor become friends with benefits. He resists the idea at first, but eventually he caves and sleeps with her. Are these two friends the perfect match, or have they staked their friendship on a fleeting dream?

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A bit Harry and Sally 4  4

The hero and heroine have been friends since college, being there for each other through thick and thin, along with all the break ups. Now, they are hitting their early thirties and the heroine wants a family. Her past boyfriends have proven to be subpar( the one screamed out his mother's name during coitus) and she wants a baby badly before her eggs go. The only guy who has ever met any standards is her best friend the hero. So, she proposes the friends with benefits. The hero is all befuddled by her proposal and causes him to react in distancing himself. The heroine thinks the logically it's perfect since they're friends, she just forgot the emotions coming in later. After some time of jumping through hoops and all, they finally do it.....four times. Everything seems great till the heroine's friend reveals her pregnancy and now heroine is a mess because she wants that marriage and family life with the hero. The heroine wonders why he's against marriage and commitment till the hero shows up drunk and upset over his parent's latest weddings. They were parents who were so intent on hurting each other that they neglected the hero. For him, he saw weddings and marriage as weapons to one up the other, not what they were truly meant for. Now, the heroine sees what his "role models" have given the poor hero the poorest examples of marriage. So, he goes about how great it is that the heroine and him are friends and will remain friends. That has the heroine crying after coitus and the hero bewildered on why she's like that. The heroine tries to keep her feelings on the down low but a misinterpretation of a small gift box (for her birthday) has her wondering if he wants to marry her but it's not a ring. She runs off trying not to cry and leaving the hero befuddled. Luckily, he has a fairy godmother as a friend who gives him the biggest and most public scolding he's ever had. She reveals the heroine's love for the hero and what she thought the gift was. Then tells him to muster up his courage and open his heart to the heroine. He realizes that he does love the heroine and he opens to her through the bathroom door. It was actually very romantic and I loved the ending with him asking her to marry him and we get the wedding and baby. It was a definitely a good story.

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