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Bidding in a bachelor auction for charity, Cally wins a sexy tycoon named Blake in exchange for her generous donation. Yet despite his jaw-droppingly good looks, Cally, who grew up in an imperfect family, shows no interest in love or marriage, and she plans to cut ties with him as soon as they fulfill the conditions of the auction. Blake, driven by curiosity about Cally’s inner self, proposes a further condition. Cornered by Blake’s approach, Cally accepts his bet, even though the stakes are high… If she loses, she’ll become his slave for a day and have to do whatever he wants!

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Preview 30 Pages
Pages 128 Pages
Available until : Feb. 29th 2020(Monthly course($39.99)
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Face the pain 4  4

The hero and heroine meet at an auction when the heroine's friend bids for the hero in the heroine's name. It's because the friend wants to help the heroine move on from her last incredibly horrible breakup with her boyfriend. It turns out that her horrible mother that's all image hired some guy to date the heroine without her knowing. When the mother stopped paying, the guy stopped dating, and it really broke the heroine's heart because she really was in love with him. It also doesn't help that she suffered from endometriosis. She feels like nobody will love her unless they're paid, her mother is a crude word, and she doesn't feel like a woman. Now, she just wants to work and nothing else. However, the hero throws a wrench in her plans with following by her rules then incorporating his own. He shows the heroine how to live again and starts breaking down her walls with kneading dough and more. When she realizes this, she breaks apart from the hero and disappears. The hero has his secretary keep an eye on her who's on maternity leave. It's how the hero found out the heroine was pregnant before the heroine told him. He goes back to the heroine to state his case that he wants to be involved with the heroine and the baby. The heroine decides to go along with it since if she dies then the guardian will end up being the horrible mother. So, she goes to live with the hero and marry him. Their cohabitation helps build up in trusting and learning more about each other. Then the heroine gets call from mother to attend and they are pushed to attend. It happens to be one of the worst parties because all the bad parts in their past are thrown out in the air from the heroine's horrible mother and the hero's horrible ex. They have a sit down where the heroine confesses what her mother did and the hero confesses the woman was a girlfriend who he thought shared his feelings on family and children. However, she got pregnant and got an abortion without him knowing. It's a lot of open wounds, only getting worse when the heroine suffers a miscarriage. The two have a hard time dealing with it and the heroine assumes with the hero distancing himself that their bond is over and there's nothing to hold her from leaving. So, she disappears with a suffering hero who didn't want her to leave him. After a few days of suffering, the hero picks himself up and goes to the heroine to fight for her. Once he finds her, he tells her how he wants her back and loves her. She rejects him at first because she'll take away his dream of a big family and still thinks nobody will be with her for her. He tells her that he loves her for her, wants to be with her, and asks her to come back with him. It was really sweet and romantic. His words manage to reach the heroine in the end and she confesses that she still loves him too. We reach the end where hero and heroine are together with a baby on the way with the heroine being further along and safely healthy.

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