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Topsy’s mother owns an escort business, and she once helped her mom out with her business in exchange for information about who her father is. Topsy then went to Italy, where her father lives, to finally meet him, but she can’t tell him who she is quite yet. Her father is in the company of the handsome Dante, whose impression of Topsy is a negative one. And it only gets worse once he learns that she’s registered as an escort. How can she convince him that her only job as an escort involved nothing more than a simple dinner with a client…?

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Misunderstanding 2  2

the heroine of thus, quotes to find out who is a father she has a wicked mother know she is not stepmother but she is still awake at mother who left her father and steel all his money and separated the father and the daughter for a very period of long time INR exchange to get the address of her father she needs to do a work for her motherwhich is not a simple after that she gets the address of a father and finally meet some she became so secretary of a father all this love and caring results and shows the main leader of the hero that she is only a mistress to the companies owner and nothing more and she is destroying the family and he started toinvestigator as investigator he finds negative information about her and make assumptions about the future fight between them after that there is a DNA test to prove that he start real father after that the hero ask can propose to her and it has a happy ending.Lynne Graham lives in Northern Ireland and has been a keen romance reader since her teens. Happily married, Lynne has five children. Her eldest is her only natural child. Her other children, who are every bit as dear to her heart, are adopted. The family has a variety of pets, and Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collecting allsorts and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.Lynne Derby Graham passed away peacefully February 28th, 2019 at her residence in West Orange, New Jersey. She will be missed by her loving family and countless friends who comforted her during her final days.Lynne was born in Evanston, IL on July 24,1936. Following the death of her father in 1945 (a Navy Lieutenant killed in the Pacific Theatre near the end of World War II), her mother moved Lynne and her sister Ann to Dayton, Ohio. Lynne met her husband, Russell Graham, at Skytop Lodge in the Poconos where she spent summers with her sister and grandfather. I hope you like the story it's a nice sweet story with aayush misunderstanding.

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she's mostly immune 4  4

I quite liked this one with all the funny sides. It's the usual of where the hero thinks the new maid/caretaker/secretary and now assistant is the husband's mistress because she's so pretty. Then there's the fact that a man he knows well states that she was an escort he hired to take to dinner. It's also the usual of where the heroine is not the mistress but the long lost daughter of the husband who has no idea but doesn't want to tell the man. Why, because her mother stole all his money for his company when they were in an relationship, ran off, and left him penniless. How she found him was by her mother dangling his name like carrot in front of the heroine. The witchy mother only gave the name if the heroine did an escort job for her and having no choice but to comply, she went along with it. Now, this is where is gets fun because the hero tries all tricks, schemes, and methods of intimidation to get the heroine to crack and bend to his will. The truth of the matter is that she doesn't and it's a whoop to watch the hero become flabbergasted and perplexed by the heroine's character. Their interactions make me laugh, especially with her crashing into his million dollar car because her driving is so bad. They start to build a relationship but the heroine hears the hero bring another woman and lies to the hero that she'll be bringing another man aka her brother-in-law from the first book. I kind of liked how the hero from the first book is characterized under a Jiminy Cricket thing because he telling the heroine that she is young and inexperienced but agrees over the issue of her sisters babying her too much. So, we come to the ball thing where three things happen: the heroine's mother is arrested, so her brother-in-law takes her away to see, the heroine tells the husband she's his daughter and he takes it well, and the heroine realizes that she's jealous of the hero's date because she loves him. The hero also sees the heroine as she is being taken away by the brother, become angry with her leaving. Sadly, the mother isn't sent to jail but her escort business is shut down so that's a positive. The heroine goes to live with the first hero and heroine where our current hero comes in and demanding to see the heroine. This is a fun part because the brother-in-law plays the hero into shouting out his true feelings with the heroine right behind him!!!! It was so cute and hilarious!!! They have a confession of love between the two of them with the results of the DNA test that the heroine is in fact the husband's daughter and the family welcomes her with open arms. The hero asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes. However, it can't end without a funny note and the illustrator gives us the usual meet the family where the sisters gang up on the hero. It's funny, good, and a definite rent to read.

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