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Despite her history, Maddie’s come back to town after a six-year absence. And she’s brought her son back, too. She had him with Cole, a man she was madly in love with. She had no chance with Cole because he was the son of a notable family—she wrote him a letter to tell him about the pregnancy, but he never replied. Cole, for his part, feels all his anger toward Maddie coming back when he hears about her return. She’s the woman who dumped him and eloped with her mother’s lover, yet she has the gall to act like an innocent! He wants to know just why she’s come back to town now. What is her game?

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- Is it really so easy to believe a lie? 1  1

JAB gave the summary, so I'll just say for some reason this story really just rubbed me the wrong way. I guess it was just because SO many things I hate showed up in this one story. We have BBV [Bed Before Vows], a BBV baby, we have hateful class divisions, we a have lying mom, we have a (near?) rape of a young woman (the heroine), we have a jealous, abusive mom who values her perverted, rapist boyfriend more than her daughter, a heroine who still flaunts herself like a teenager who doesn't know better and won't correct lies when asked, and the kicker is the `hero`, a jerk of a man who has no problem fooling around in the grass with a girl who is faithful and devoted to him for the whole summer and then turns around and believes the first lie told to him when she disappears. Left with her mother's boyfriend??? Really??? He knew the man! It wasn't just a matter of the male lead not trusting his girl, it was a matter of him not trusting her when every bit of logic should have been screaming otherwise! Forget the fact she loved him... trade a 'loving', young, rich, handsome boyfriend for a cheap, fat, old, perverted, overweight slob who was her mom's??? How could he not question that??? He should have been rattling cages and demanding answers, but no. He accepts the lie, and then when he finds out how wrong he is, he's so arrogant. Okay, he was arrogant all along, but after he discovers how badly he screwed up her life with his negligence, you think he could show a LITTLE humility. Yeah. I liked the art. I'll give it that much. So in the end I can't say this is the worse Harlequin I've read. He's not even the worst male lead, but to my mind this story earns it's one star fairly. It's not worth more. It's not worth less. I'm glad it was a monthly and will be going away soon.

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could have been better 3  3

The heroine has been the town's scapegoat since they can't do nothing to destroy the heroine's mother who's broken up many families with her seductive and loose moral ways. So, they turn on the heroine who's as sweet as pie. She also ends up in a secret relationship with the town's rich and golden boy. One night after their date, the heroine is assaulted by her mother's dead beat boyfriend but the mother kicks the bruised and battered heroine out of their home. She calls the hero for help but his high society mother answers who yells obscurities to keep the heroine away from her son. So, the heroine leaves town with the help of a high school teacher who was the one of the few kind to her. That same night, the mother's boyfriend leaves town and rumors fly about them eloping together. The hero believes them and doesn't go searching for the heroine. He doesn't even know about the letter she sent him a year later because his mother INTERCEPTED it and READ it!!!! After six years, the heroine receives news that the woman who helped her needs help looking after. So, she puts on a brave face and heads back to her hometown. She's faced with a lot of prejudice from the townspeople and the hero is half involved. He's still hurt of the heroine's "betrayal" but she's honest on saying that she called the hero but his mother answered with all her crudity and sent a letter. Yet, the hero said he never received neither. Then they have coitus but I was kind of disappointed in the heroine. It's not because she just found out that the hero never got the letter, so he doesn't know about their son but the fact she got a committed boyfriend back home who loves her son like his own and deeply cares for her. They're seen by others who tattle to the mother who not only snubs the heroine but also degrades her in a loud enough tone for her words to pass through the thick doors for the heroine to hear. So, she runs off back to her mentor with the hero feeling ashamed over the fact she heard everything. The next day, the hero gets a little information on the heroine's insecurity back then and goes to see her. He finds her and she puts her walls up by stating she's going to marry her boyfriend. Yet, that really peeved me was the fact that the hero couldn't put two and two together of how could the heroine elope with her mother's boyfriend after receiving that little tidbit about her running to the mentor for help. He didn't seem to have enough brain cells to draw up the possible theory that they left separately. The heroine still rejects the hero and leaves. He goes back home where his mother sees him in his pit of despair. Later, she confesses to "suddenly remembering" the letter; the one she kept hidden for the last six years. He reads the letter, learning the existence of his son and the fact the heroine believes he abandoned them. So, he comes barging into the heroine's office with an apology made on behalf of his mother and him then states let's get married. I just wanted to say, "Are you serious???". I mean the guy doesn't say, "Let me make it up to you" or "Please give me another chance". He thinks that going by wedding bells will make everything alright. I was a little tired of the heroine because she didn't refute it by claiming that she loved the boyfriend, only on how great he is with the son. The hero goes on about the sexual chemistry and pushes her on the desk for one of those Sex in the City moments. Only to be interrupted by the fiancee. The next thing I couldn't like was from all three of them had done: 1) the hero stating (without the heroine's consent) that they're getting back together. 2) the heroine not fighting against the hero's words nor fighting for the guy who's loved for her, and 3) the fiancee didn't fight for them. There was no, "I love her and won't give her up," or something. I felt the hero's "confidence" was being over the top. The one thing he didn't do, which I was glad was not telling the little boy he's his father right off the bat. They spend a day and come nightfall, the hero hears the heroine having a nightmare. The things she says conclude that someone bad happened between her and her mother's boyfriend. He wakes her up and gets the full story. He asks for her forgiveness and stays with her the whole night. The next morning, the heroine wakes up to the hero serving her breakfast and a ring. He does a better proposal and she accepts. The little boy comes in and they reveal the hero's identity to him. Then we get a wedding where the mother "hesitantly" apologizes to the heroine. It was alright but I felt it could have been better.

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