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Irene saw that, despite their openness with men, her mother and sister remained unfulfilled. Because of that, she decided to keep her virginity until she met and married the man she loved. But the first moment she sees Sharif at her friend’s wedding reception, that resolve is shaken. Sharif, a rumored playboy and the emir of a desert country, is beautiful and arrogant, and he easily seduces a kiss from the innocent Irene. But when he tries his usual tactics to persuade her to come into his bed, Irene rejects him. Irene’s resistance only makes Sharif’s passion and interest grow stronger… Will these two strangers from different worlds be able to find a world of happiness all their own?

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Cinderella saves the prince 4  4

I thought that was probably the best line in the story. I thought it was interesting to learn, if it's true, that most cultures have a Cinderella story (I'm definitely going to have to go look up the Greek one :D) and Cinderella was a bit of a sub-theme here, so it was a cute twist when he noted that her efforts had saved him. I also rather enjoyed that at first he could only think about getting her in his bed , and then when he had his chance, he put her purity above his desires. Not sure it stayed that way at the end, but so far as the story goes, we don't see any BBV (Bed Before Vows) which is unusual for a sheik story. I, for one, appreciated it. Overall, it was a good story. We had strong characters who were independent and showed how love puts the other first. I respected both.

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difference in customs 4  4

The hero and heroine met at a wedding where the hero proposed a contract with jewelry with no strings attached and mentions having a fiancee. However, the heroine rejects the whole thing because she sees him he's treating her like the many men her mother sold herself to did. She puts up the big STOP sign and runs away. The hero doesn't give up and has her hired to be the nanny/companion to his younger sister. The heroine learns the sister is in a contract marriage with an old man whose children are older than her. However, it's painfully obvious that she hates being in the palace because everyone blames her for their country's misfortune and their own personal misfortune. Why? It turns out the hero's father needed to have two sons but the hero's mother's health was too weak. So, the man took a mistress but she had a girl. The father had them carted off to some far off place. The mistress then shot the father and committed suicide. The whole incident sparked a chain of events that led to a civil war between the hero and his own uncle that only ended when the hero agreed to marry the man's arrogant and conceited daughter (We'll get back to her). The heroine acts as the go between with trying to help bridge the relationship between brother and sister as well as fighting off the hero's advances. However, the hero won't give in to love because he saw what love caused. We can see there's a differences in perspectives for the both of them when it comes to the subject of gift giving and marriages. Soon, there's enough pressure of where the sister reveals that she has someone she loves but she wanted to leave the palace so badly because of what the selfish woman said she's going to drive the Murderer's daughter away. So, the hero negotiates a deal to get the sister out of marriage. Just as things are getting good, the OW appears dripping venomous words out of her mouth. She doesn't even hide her intense dislike for the sister and says all these rude things to the heroine. The hero decides to send the heroine and sister away. The heroine learns the reason why the hero dislikes the woman so much is because she's a overly spoiled brat who was never put over one's knee nor heard the word NO because they kept bragging her at a young age how powerful she was going to be. The reason she hates the hero is because he's the first person who said NO to her when she kicked his little sister. If I was there, it would be her, me, and the timeout chair. The heroine tries to give herself to him but he's unable to touch her since he values her too much. Afterwards, the heroine and sister head to England where some of the sister's classmates give her some interesting news: a rumor that the OW is married to an American. The two investigate and find it's true. So, they take the greedy man back to the hero's country and reveal the woman's marriage. The whole thing reveals the woman wanted someone to say "I love you" to her but those words were misused by the man. However, I believe she needed this to get that chunk of humble pie. I say chunk because a slice wasn't enough. Now, the wedding is off and the hero pulls the heroine into his arms for a tight hug. He finally says he loves the heroine and it ends there.

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