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Sara has landed a job at a world-class oil company, but on her first day at work, she overhears the CEO yelling. It seems that her new boss wants an older woman as his assistant because he thinks all the young women are after him. Hearing this, Sara thinks he must have a pretty high opinion of himself, but as soon as she enters his office, she changes her mind. His opinion is spot-on—he’s absolutely gorgeous and his beautiful looks are paired with an impressively muscular body. He’s Mr. Perfect!

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3.5. a nice romance 4  4

The hero and heroine didn't have the first best impression when the heroine can hear going on about how he doesn't want a young woman since all they're looking for are rich husbands. The heroine is bursting with anger over the hero's rudeness that she tells him through the speaker and then threatens to sue him on harassment if he doesn't give her a fair chance. The hero does open up about how all his previous secretaries tried to sleep with him or trick him into marriage. However, the heroine gives it to him straight that her education puts her as the right fit and not let her go so quick. A week of seeing together and seeing her skills leaves the hero impressed. When the week passes, the hero hires her full on and apologizes for his past rude behavior, the heroine forgives and forgets. They quickly move on to working their heads off. We get to see the hero's past of where he was cruelly separated early from his mother that was raised in the western ways but was married to the father, a man of tradition and oppression. He took all her boys and had them shipped off to faraway boarding schools. The distress caused her to lose her life early and the father soon followed after. For the hero, to have the man's blood coursing through his veins is the very reason why none of his brother and he are married. Now, the two are fighting their attraction because heroine doesn't want to be one of those secretaries and the hero doesn't want to be like his father. Yet, their passions burst forth when they opened up about themselves. This puts their relationship in both personal and work on the rocks because the hero wants her to forget their night then has her replaced. The heroine lets it go since it's what he wanted and she still has a job with her own office and assistant. However, things change when a collapse off the bike and a trip to the hospital reveals the heroine is pregnant. She does tell the hero straight off who backs off the heroine when hearing the news. However, when he thinks about how he stole her future by getting her pregnant and the child she raises as a single parent will hate its father like he did. He doesn't want the child to have that kind of a life. He goes to the heroine and puts out marriage as the ideal solution. He whisks her off to a private location and on immediate bedrest. The whole thing actually has the heroine feeling anxious since she's not sitter, considering she works at the hero's company. Then there's the plus of her feeling queasy about the marriage since the hero is marrying her for the kid and not for love. Having the hero not listen to her wishes makes her think he doesn't care about her family history with abandoning father who left debts and disabled mother who left medical bills for the her siblings and her. The hero is able to realize after a certain time that him shutting her off is similar to his father but he doesn't know how. By then, the heroine is unable to be his wife. So, she leaves behind a goodbye note and hops a train. Then the hero comes a cowboy and hops the train by horse. It was quite interesting with what comes after. The heroine pulls him into a quiet place where they finally have a sit down. They open up on their feelings and confess their love to each other. It was really a cute ending with the wedding and their little kid.

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