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As a child, Holly was abandoned one Christmas Eve, and she had a tough time of it growing up. But she’s older now and has her life together. She’s her gorgeous boss’s assistant and gets to dress to the nines and attend high-class events with him. And though she holds a torch for her boss, she knows her heart is safe—Connor Knight has written off any kind of romance since his divorce. But then on another Christmas Eve, Connor compliments Holly on her crimson dress at the company party…and it turns out that’s only the beginning for these two lonely coworkers!

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sometimes a christmas gift comes late. 4  4

The heroine is a woman who has only had bad memories of Christmas since she was abandoned in a mall on Christmas Eve at the age of 3. Now, she's having an even more of a tough time being the event planner for the hero's company's Christmas party. The whole thing is bringing up bad memories and the hero isn't having a happy Christmas either because he found out after his divorce from his gold-digging strumpet that not only did she gamble but she was pregnant and secretly aborted the hero's baby. This argument is heard by the heroine who gets lashed at by the ex because she's upset over not getting any more money from the hero. Then a gift from the hero on the heroine's anniversary for being abandoned pushes her to let caution out into the wind and kiss the man she's been heavily attracted to. The hero doesn't hold back since he's attracted to the heroine as well and they spend a joyous time together. Now, the heroine thinks nothing of it till the hero brings it up about her being possibly pregnant. In his mind, it's introduce her to the family and in her mind, it's panic all around. The reason stems from many factors, not just being abandoned as a child. Then the hero is introducing her to the family as the assistant as a way for everyone to know who she is before they even find out if she's pregnant. Once that test shows positive, the heroine is frightened but the hero is right there to lend a shoulder and kind word that he's going to be with her every step of the way. However, the heroine is keeping secret on a lot of things like her abandonment, jumping from foster home to foster home, then finding a forever home only to have her sister (also a foster child) fall sick to a genetic illness, and fearing the world the hero lives in is too different from his. These kinds of secrets create rifts between the hero and heroine. One example, the hero has the heroine quit her job to focus on taking care of the baby and he plans to take care of her but her income is what she needs in order to pay for the care of her sick sister. She breaks down but won't tell the reason why she needs the job in the first to the hero. She also asks if the hero can be there for the child, who thinks she's no different from his ex-wife who aborted his child. This leads to a biggest barrier in their relationship: a contract that stipulates that he'll keep paying the heroine's PA income till the baby's born and he'll raise the baby alone. The heroine agrees with hesitation but it's not too long before the hero figures out where most of the heroine's income goes and visits the hospital to find the heroine crying over the sister who just passed away. She doesn't take well to his unexpected presence but does apologize for her words later. It's during that time, she reveals about being abandoned, the foster homes, and her feelings on everything except how she feels about him and the contract. The hero finally realizes the pain and the fear the heroine is facing in the pregnancy. He is incredibly sweet and reassures her that the baby will be fine and happy. Now, while this does clear up some things, but the contract is still active and a constant reminder to our couple that their relationship is business and no more. The heroine knows she needs to abide by the contract but decides the best thing for her to do is build a nursery as a way to leave something behind for the child. We fast forward several months to a beautifully finished nursery and the heroine with a round belly. She goes to see the hero in his study but instead finds a packet with information all about her, her sister, and a dead woman who was found clutching a newspaper article about the heroine being abandoned at the mall. The heroine gets the address of the girl's parents to see them because of the alikeness the dead girl has to the heroine. Once she arrives, the elderly woman mistakes the heroine for her dead daughter but is quickly cleared up and the heroine declares the daughter was her mother. This gives the elderly woman the best Christmas gift and they talk what happened to the daughter until they hear the sound of a helicopter. Right on schedule, the hero comes rushing in like the heroine's water rushing down. Apparently, the baby wanted to make an early appearance and he was born in his great grandmother's house. Once their bundle of joy is present, our main couple has talk about the contract. The heroine expresses that she wants to be with the hero and son and the hero declares that he wants the same as well. They admit their fear and wish to be with one another and conclusion they love each and want to marry each other. It was a good ending and a good read.

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