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One day, out of the blue, Tina receives a phone call from her mother, the woman who abandoned her for a multimillionaire when she was only six months old. Now she is asking Tina for help because her house is about to fall into the hands of Luca Barbarigo, the man she owes money to. When Tina hears his name, she is dumbstruck; it brings back the worst memory of her life. Three years ago, she slept with him and got pregnant—and he put her through hell afterward. She never wanted to see his face again, but now she has no choice but to go to Venice to help her mother and confront Luca. When she arrives, he makes an unbelievable proposal—he’ll forgive her mother’s debt if Tina agrees to be his kept woman for a month!

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Available until : Jul. 31st 2020(Monthly course($79.99)

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Straight forward but messy 3  3

The heroine is called back to Venice in order to pull her mother out of the financial ruin because her lovable but too soft hearted father was going to sell his, his daughter's, and any ranch hands' livelihood by selling the farm to pay for the woman's troubles. I thought the man was being silly because she may be your daughter's mother and you may hold a soft spot for her even after she left you but she's a grown-up who can clean after herself. The heroine doesn't want to go back because on the night of her friend's birthday party she had coitus with the mother's husband's nephew who is also the hero. After their bed activity, he rudely says how the heroine is just like her mother. She slaps him and runs off. She doesn't find out till later that she's pregnant, but goes into premature labor at five months. The baby dies and the heroine keeps the secret to herself. Yet, somehow she managed to let it slip to her a estranged mother in one sentence. After three years she's called back and the only person who can help with the mother is the hero. He'll help on the condition is at the heroine will sleep with him for a month. She can see the whole thing was caused by him in order to push her mother into a corner and give him the family home. I seriously don't understand the hero and his condition with the heroine. It's because he already has got the mother right where he wants her and he's the one who pushed the heroine away, and seemed to suffer no consequences from their encounter. Still he goes on about how the heroine will pay. During their arrangement, the two learn and discover things that attract each other. The same can be said for the heroine and her mother who's finally taking charge of cleaning after herself and the heroine gives her a hand. The heroine starts getting anxious as the deadline draws closer with the hero suffering from agitation. Then the mother lets it slip to the hero of the heroine's previous pregnancy and losing the baby. He flies into a rage, going after the heroine. He accuses her of aborting the baby. The heroine begs the hero to trust her and professes her love for him but he turns her away. She leaves in tears and the hero finds out the truth after looking and realizing his huge blunder. He runs after her, finding her at their son's grave stone. He stands beside her and she sees him cry in sorrow. He apologizes to her for everything he's done. He opens up on his life story and how he was attracted to the heroine but was afraid since she was her mother's daughter. When they were together he pushed her away in order so he wouldn't go after her. He confesses his love for her and states she can find someone better than him. The heroine forgives him and states she loves him too. They hug, kiss and end it with the heroine saying yes to the hero's proposal. We end the story with the heroine and hero cooing over their newborn child with tears of joy in their eyes. The story was alright but there were some things in the story that didn't make sense.

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