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Mandy and her guide, Renzo, are hiking in the Alps when a huge avalanche traps them inside an old mountain lodge. On the brink of life and death, their feelings for each other awaken and they spend the night in each other’s arms. However, the next day, the floor crumbles away and, as Renzo attempts to save her, he falls to the depths of the valley! Mandy is rescued, but he is nowhere to be found. After spending the next two years in the depths of despair, she suddenly finds a newspaper article about Renzo. He is alive and the CEO of a large Italian company. Mandy is shocked and has to know why he never told her he was still alive!

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3.5 went pretty quick 4  4

The story went pretty quick from their encounter to their reunion. It like *Boom* here then *Boom* there for plot and pace. The heroine and hero meet unexpectedly when he jumps from his date's balcony to hers because the OW's husband came back early. A little fact the woman lied about being taken rather than divorced as she told him. He pulls a couple of cassanova moves on her then heads out the door. The heroine is shocked to find he's their guide on the French Alps. From the start, the party has it it's pooper who complains, whines, and thinks he's the reason the sun comes up. He doesn't seem to take the climb together as a team seriously. The idiot even decided to go skiing at night during a snowstorm after he was warned not to. So, the hero's and heroine's relationship become more intimate when they go to rescue him. The fool causes an avalanche with all his yelling that kills him and nearly kills heroine and hero. They dig their way out in the snow and find shelter in an abandoned cottage. They have a steamy night but the hero falls through the floor the next morning in front of the heroine's eyes. She wakes up in the hospital and learns they found that hero's body. Then finds out two years later there was a mixup and identification and the hero is alive. The heroine wonders why he never looked for her and decides to see him. She learns he lost his memories and has no idea who she is. However, the hero can see from her words and flashes of his memory that they are connected. Then she's invited to a party where she meets with a hero; the two end up defending each other from the same individual. The hero tells him to treat the heroine with respect and the heroine called him out on his insensitivity and lack of manners against the hero's injuries. Later that night, hero and heroine confess their love and make plans for the future. Next morning, the hero misinterprets the heroine's phone call but she quickly clears it up, stating it's not a lover but their son. The hero wants to meet the boy but is scared that he might not be a good parent since his parents didn't show him how to be a good parent. His grandfather assures him that he's capable and he's surrounded by amazing people who love him and support him. The hero decides he'll take the chance to be a good husband and father. I liked the ending with the three of them.

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