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Randall is a landscaper who works at a multimillion-dollar estate where she is offered a cottage in the corner of the garden in which to live. She never expected to be mistaken for the owner’s lover, but her former lover Julio suddenly appears before the innocent woman and deems her to be guilty. He seems determined to punish her, and yet he is the same man who once threw her away!

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okay, but not my favorite. 3  3

I have reread this book a bunch and while it did hold m interest, it made me a little sad. We have a heroine who was abandoned by the hero but she got the stork coming to her nine months later. Now, five years have passed and the hero and heroine are reunited because the hero's sister suspects that her husband is cheating on her (he is & it's a waitress) because she goes an anonymous package full of pictures of the husband and the heroine together. The hero drops everything to solve this problem and finds out that it's not the heroine who's the mistress but another AW. So, he has the husband go to his sister to wait on her hand and foot. He still has the contract in place but the heroine resists the idea of working with him from past grudges ( I can't blame the woman, the man says that he'll marry her and a week later, leaves her to marry another woman. Ouch!) The heroine agrees to the the hero's contract and they start working together both on the project and off the project. The heroine believes that the hero has a new woman since his wife (the woman he married when he abandoned the heroine) died from a phone call and he called the woman my querida. I can't blame her for thinking that. We do get to see some of the hero's thoughts throughout the book but I would have liked a little more depth to the hero's thoughts. The irony was the hero meeting the little boy, a.k.a his son without him even knowing, that pulled the heroine's heartstrings. Then the hero throws a big party for the heroine ( she has no idea and any notion is denied because why would he do that?) so she can meet potential clients for future projects. It's after a sensual dance that the two of them lose themselves in passion. However, it ends quickly when the heroine gets a call from her friend of her son's current residence at the hospital. That is when the truth comes out and the hero learns of his fatherhood to the little boy. The two have a little spat of "why didn't you tell me and I had a right to know," but quickly drive to the hospital. It's there where the hero makes the statement that he wants to keep his son and we like the heroine learn that the hero's querida is his daughter through marriage by his first wife. Apparently, the reason why he only married her in the first place was because she was a distant cousin who had gotten herself into big trouble with a man who married into the hero's family (the hero's sister's husband). The hero wanted to protect the family and the girl because she was suicidal and could hurt the baby. The hero and heroine seem to reconcile with one another with what happened in past and we do have a lovely ending with not just our couple but our two kids plus one. It was okay to read.

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