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Kate is heading to the castle of the Duke of Manning, where she is to become his future bride. However, while traveling through a forest north of London, her envoy is attacked by bandits, and she is kidnapped for a large ransom. The leader of the bandits is a man in a mask named Shadow, who has gained notoriety for stealing from the rich. Determined to get to the Duke’s castle at any cost, Kate attempts to escape from the camp, only to be caught before she can get away. As punishment, she is locked in a cabin every night under close watch by Shadow, a situation she is gradually becoming more comfortable with!

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Over too soon. 3  3

A very Robin-the-Hood-eque story. This tale uses a good hearted bandit called The Shadow who hides out in the greenwood robbing ‘collecting funds’ during the reign of crooked Prince John while his brother Richard is a prisoner in France. Our heroine starts as a hostage, but even as it seems her feelings for Shadow change, she still insists on keeping her commitment to wed a particular Lord with an awful reputation. It is only after her ransom is paid and she's safely sent off to her despicable groom that the hero figures out her motive and rushes to the rescue. The pacing is quick, but the details are there so the tale reaches its conclusion without any sense of ‘lack’; you're just very likely to wish it could have taken longer getting there. The art is done in a long and lanky fashion that is moderately disproportionate, but not necessarily unpleasing. The Shadow is even more handsome when you get to meet him in his noble personae. I bought this tale on sale, and don't feel shorted, but if I'd paid full price, I might have.

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3.5 A Robin Hood side story 4  4

The hero and heroine are on their personal mission of revenge against the man who ruined their lives but have no idea of each other's plans. In fact, the two seem to make it their new mission annoy each other. I mean, the hero kidnaps the heroine on her way to her new groom (her target), which she was extremely angry for since she wanted to use this opportunity to kill him. The hero is annoyed by the heroine's antics of stabbing him when they first meet to escaping from his guards by drugging them. Then there's the fact, she stole his horse on her escape but he does save her from cracking her skull. His actions become the stepping stone in building their relationship. As their relationship develops with their talks and walks, they struggle with their feelings for each other because it interferes with their plans. Then the heroine sees the hero with another woman and thinks it's his wife. We get the backstory from the heroine that her family was slaughtered by groom for not bowing down to Prince John and she was saved her savior (another noble), and replaced as his recently deceased daughter in order to protect her. Then the heroine is sent back to the groom and the two are miserable. However, one of he hero's followers tells him of the heroine's true connection to the groom and a theory of her intentions. The man realizes that he has to crash a wedding before the heroine slashes her groom's throat and dies by his retainers' swords. They are able to make it in time with the help of Prince John's mother who despises her son's antics as well as his nasty followers. The hero reveals his identity as a Lord who fights against the injustice the groom has caused. The groom survives but for the trial he'll have to face. When the hero and heroine are alone, they confess their love for each other and the hero asks the heroine to marry him. She says yes and we get that lovely ending.

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