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One year ago Geneva, an event planner, spent a passionate night with her fiancé, the wealthy developer Michael Sullivans. But then she experienced a miscarriage. With no more child on the way and unsure if Michael really loved her, Geneva ran away from their wedding. Now, just as she has begun to pull herself back together, it turns out that Michael is her new boss. He even tries to use her past against her at work. What’s worse is that Geneva is somehow finding herself falling for this cold, calculating man all over again!

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Doubts on Marriage 3  3

The heroine left the hero at the altar in a tizzy because she believed the man didn't love her, only married her for the baby that was miscarried, and is only marrying her to keep his promise. It all stems from the anxiety of seeing her parents' marriage crumble from marrying for the heroine and not for each other. The whole thing blows up into a scandal and really goes bad. They don't see each for a year till the heroine finds out the hero is her new boss. The hero does tell her that he's not going to fire her and will even have her working closely on a project with him and plan his sister's wedding. She can't refuse since she needs the job and goes along with it. These projects give the chance for the both of them to spend time with each other and talk. They start opening up about their past, the issues, the pain, and the good times. It helps them move forward. The hero finally learns of the heroine's past and see how much it influenced her decision to leave him. When he sees things from the heroine's perspective, it gives him the perception to be a good listener to his sister's worries on marriage and spouses. That perception also helps the hero see the heroine from a new side of why she did what she did. So, he starts wooing her back and after a bit, she falls into his arms. However, her doubts still taunt on the hero's love for her. Then the heroine gets a job opportunity on the other side of the world. She tells the hero in hopes he'll ask her not to leave or at least say he loves her but he sends her away with well wishes. The heroine leaves in tears and the hero mopes for the week that the heroine is gone. The hero is pushed by his sister to go after the heroine and he does it. He goes to her places and tells her that he doesn't want her to leave. He also reveals why he hesitates in saying "I love you" is because he failed to say it to his mom the last time he saw her before the accident when he was a teenager. The heroine comforts him and he confess his love to her. She responds the same words, he asks her to marry him and she says yes. We happily end it with them and their little girl.

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