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Marco De Luna is head over heels for Claudia, his little sister’s new best friend…until he hears where she’s living—the old mansion on the outskirts of town that Primo Vasile stole from the De Luca family! Before long, though, she’s won him over in spite of his misgivings and they’re an item. But when Marco hears that Claudia has placed his sister, Bianca, in danger, he walks out on her in the middle of the night. Four years later, his heart burns for vengeance. So when Claudia is forced to marry a man she doesn’t love to save her father, it’s Marco’s chance to strike! Claudia feels her heart stirring with old feelings for Marco…but there’s no room in his heart for anything but cold-blooded revenge!

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sister held it too long 2  2

The story wasn't one of the best with how it played out between the hero and heroine. The heroine is friends with the hero's sister and once she gets older, they share a night of passion. Sadly, the whole thing ends when the hero gets word from a friend that his sister was at a party where the villain was and the man nearly date raped her. The sister says that it was the heroine who told her to go and the hero puts the heroine down on his revenge list. The heroine wakes up to a cold bed, feeling ashamed of how awful her first night went. They don't see each other for years till the heroine is at the end of her rope with being blackmailed by the villain to marry her or her father goes to prison of embezzling. She has no idea of course that it's all falsified and he's just trying to trap her. The hero sees the heroine in her pit of despair and decides to hit all three birds with one stone. He tries to act all friendly with the heroine but she shuts him out with how both he and his sister cut call contact with her. She doesn't hold out for long when she opens up about her sick father and the hero takes advantage of her grief. He only starts showing her kindness by finding out a family member who's in cahoots with the villain was lying about her father's illness. The heroine finally sees the connection when one of the housemaids who worked for the hero's family recognizes him. He finally reveals his whole revenge to the heroine and how she's just as bad as the villain. Plus, he brags about how she's going to be the perfect pawn for him in his quest for revenge then as Seiri said, "He raped her"The hero evens sees how much of a creep he's become but he doesn't stop. He takes her away to an island where he learns of the heroine was being tricked by the villain into a forced marriage and the heroine finally learns why the hero left that night. We get more insults thrusted onto the heroine but she has the last jab with comparing him to the villain by his actions. That really sets the hero off in a bad tone. Late that night, he gets a call from the sister who confesses that the heroine had nothing to do with what happened four years ago and she was afraid of saying anything because how the hero reacted. Now, the hero spends the next oh six hours or so in complete anguish because he's discovered the heroine was innocent and he did all those terrible things to her. The heroine wakes up to a sleep deprived hero and news that the villain and his accomplice has been arrested. He says sorry for everything and she forgives him and that is it. Frankly, I wanted the hero raked over the coals for a period longer than six hours or so like a week maybe.

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Tooo softhearted heroin.. 2  2

Wtf ?!!!! She just forgive him like that ?!! He raped her !! The heroin is too softhearted to the point of stupid..!! The hero needs to sufer more to receive forgiveness from her..!

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