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One night Caleb saved Sage from a sexual assault, and after such a harrowing near miss, she felt a deep attraction to him. He escorted her home, and they came together naturally. However, the next morning Caleb mistook her male roommate for her boyfriend and left, angry that Sage had brought him home as a one-night stand. The only thing he left behind was the small life growing inside of Sage. Now, three months later, Sage is in trouble—accused of being a gold digger. And that’s when she meets capable lawyer Caleb Wilde for the second time!

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if there's a man, she's taken 4  4

The heroine and hero meet at a bar where he rescues her from a man who nearly rapes her. He takes her out and quickly engages in coitus but he comes back when he sees a man go into their heroine's door. The heroine recognizes and claims the man is her roommate. With only one bed in the apartment, the hero thinks she's juggling two men but has no idea the man is gay. He leaves disgusted at the heroine, only to run into her when a wealthy and despicable client claims his dead son has fathered the child of the newly pregnant heroine. The heroine keeps telling both men that the son who was a good friend and not the father of her baby but neither believe her. The hero insists on the test but the heroine is against and it leaves the hero to think that the client is right about the heroine. The hero after much thinking, finally draws the conclusion that the heroine is pregnant with his baby. He also gets sound advice from his sister-in-law that birth control doesn't alway work depending on a woman's body and women and men can just be friends. Well....DUH!! On the day of the test, the hero finally learns why the heroine is against taking the paternity test wasn't the risk for herself but for her unborn child. So, the hero immediately cancels the appointment and takes the heroine to her home with the promise to clear everything with the Client. He finally asks if the child is his and she says yes. They have a sit down where the heroine reveals the friend preferred men but he kept it a secret, the man even had a girlfriend once to cover it up. They have a night of love and the heroine's room is filled with flowers meaning her name. The hero also takes the heroine to a fancy hotel to stay at. The heroine has a hard time accepting his gestures of support because he calls them responsibilities. It leads the heroine to believe that the hero is still not interested in her at all. He discovers the client's greedy and creepy attitude when he offers to draw up a contract that would prevent the heroine from getting any of his wealth. Next, the hero has her dolled up and taken to an opera. They have a great time till the heroine runs into the friend's ex who makes all the horrible accusations about the heroine and friend's relationship. The whole thing has the hero confused and it leads the heroine to doubt that he wants the child at all. She runs back to the hotel and leaves the hero to contemplate what to do with a ring. It takes a call from family to help the hero sort out his feelings and realize that he loves the heroine no matter what. He runs to the heroine who's walks right past him with her suitcase. The heroine rants about how the hero has made her feel and he confesses his love for her. He admits all his struggles with his feelings from jealousy, confusion, anger, and love for the heroine that lead him to where he is now. The heroine accepts his love and returns with his own. We fast forward to their wedding day and it's quite a cute ending.

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Almost 5 stars but! 4  4

I really dislike it whenever the manga finishes without showing the goddamn baby!!! Come on! I like seeing babies and children at the end. AGH! The story was so nice but I wanna see the baby! I wanna see a family of 3!

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