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Grace came to the Caribbean island of Alleria to conduct botanical research. But with her funds running out, she began working at the island’s only luxury hotel as a waitress. Unfortunately she kept messing up, and the hotel’s sexy owner, Logan, almost fired her! Grace desperately explained her situation and was allowed to stay on the island. And so she became infatuated with Logan and his youthful smile, never realizing that his opinion of her was far less charitable.

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The heroine is live-in waitress/scientist who's collecting tropical spores. The reason is because to stay anywhere else would be too expensive for a scientist and I believe it. However, when she tells the hero the truth after having a bunches glasses smashed, he doesn't believe her. He thinks it's just a new strategy for a woman to hook her claws into him. It does seem unbelievable considering her age is 23, so she would have been a child to graduate college. He decides to play along and not fire her, something that she's very grateful for. As he observes the heroine, he finds himself at odds with his first impression with how she interacts with everyone. He starts with the kissing but she rejects because of her past experiences with the dating male nerds have resulted in either rejecting because she's smarter than them or only dating her to get either coitus or her research. One guy got the latter and it was probably the only reason why he took her on a date in the first place. In fact, he stole her research to proclaim it as his own and she's getting evidence to prove that he stole it. So, the heroine's got trust, confidence, and men issues. Finally the hero and heroine go at it and he learns the heroine wasn't lying to him when he sees the petri dishes and beakers. She opens up about her education and when she asks what he thinks about her, he hugs her, and accepts everything. It's quite a sweet moment. She even passes the twin switcheroo test, using science! Then things get sticky when the heroine's research is producing such positive results that the heroine needs to go back to her lab in Minnesota. This puts her between a rock and a hard place because she doesn't want to leave the hero. She's able to make her decision when she finds a blueprint of building a sports center over where her spores reside. This causes her to think the hero doesn't care about her feelings at all. She leaves, barely giving notice and the poor hero heartbroken. He goes after the heroine to Minnesota with deed to the land and news that the blueprints she was looking at were the initial plans from 2 years ago. He goes on about how hurt he is that the heroine didn't trust his word and leaves her. She reflects and she goes after the hero this time. Their little confession scene is actually quite sweet and romantic. I rather liked how it all went down. The ex's lie is revealed, the heroine setting up a lab on the hero's island. It's quite sweet.

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