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In a luxury hotel’s poker room, Bree recovered her sister’s debt. But then Vladimir appeared—the same multimillionaire who left her a prisoner of love ten years ago! And when he raises the stakes of the game, he doesn’t kid around—if she wins, he’ll give her a million dollars. If she loses, she’ll become his slave! What is he plotting? But, if Bree can release her sister and herself from a life on the run, she has to take it… Bree has confidence in her skills, honed under the training of her con man father. But this time it seems Lady Luck is on Vladimir’s side…

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a con artist finds the real thing. 3  3

The hero and heroine are two ex lovers who were torn apart by various factors, one of them being that her father stole some precious land away from the hero's father in a con artist scam. Then there's also the hero's brother playing a part that resulted, which resulted in their close-knit familial bond utterly destroyed. The hero and heroine separate for ten years till the hero catches the heroine in an illegal casino. The heroine has been hiding from dealing cards since her father's death caused some unsavory characters to come after them.That is until her younger sister is trapped by their manager and placed with a debt of $100,000. The heroine offers herself as payment and nearly nears back the debt till the hero comes and wins at her own game. The heroine tries to escape with her sister but they are caught and separated from the hero's men. Their first night ends with a lot of raw feelings touched and the heroine's title switched from love slave to house maid. The hero makes it difficult but the heroine sticks it out. As they spend time together, they develop questions about the other person and look at what happened. The heroine also decides to take the first step with the hero who learns he is the deflowerer of the heroine. The heroine reveals her father became a winning compulsive gambler after their mother died and she paid off his debts with all that he had but men still came after them. Later on, the hero reveals he investigated the men harassing the heroine and chased them away. The heroine and hero start getting closer and closer to a level of romantic intimacy. Then at a party after the heroine confesses her love to the hero who walks away for the moment, she runs into his estranged brother. The man makes threats starting with having married the heroine's sister. The sister did in order to save the heroine and the hero did in order to get the land back. He makes threats on breaking the sister's heart if the heroine can't make the hero sign a document that will transfer the management rights of the family's company from the hero to him. The heroine can see that the hero is starting to care for her sister more than he says. During this time, the hero runs into the former manager who disappear who reveals the brother's handiwork in the whole thing. The heroine is at a loss of what to do and hides the papers but the hero finds them anyway. He accuses the heroine of conspiring with the brother against him. He leaves the heroine alone for a couple of days then comes back to see her packing. He shows his own trick of switching papers as a way to test if the heroine's love was true to him. However, it doesn't matter to him anymore. He confesses his love to the heroine and the heroine confesses her love. Then she reveals the sister being held by the brother who calls them to let them know that he doesn't want the land or the company because he loves the sister. After confirming the sister's location, the hero gets down on one knee and asks the heroine to marry him. The heroine accepts and they go on to a happy life.

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