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Honor Sheldon is a plain but diligent twenty-five-year-old who has been living in the shadow of her supermodel sister, Helen. But then, while helping out at the Valentine’s Day Ball, a charity event, the goddess of love finally smiles upon her. Suffering from a severe cold that night, she takes medicine and accidentally falls asleep on a bench outside. When she wakes up, she finds herself in her car with a rose next to her. A few days later, she receives a letter from the mysterious man who rescued her that night. The letter is addressed to H. Sheldon, so she writes him back and they start exchanging letters. They talk about books, international affairs and life in general, but soon his letters become more passionate. Her heart beats faster and she starts falling for her phantom lover. But this happiness comes to an abrupt end with a shocking discovery—when she receives the next letter, she finds out that he thought he was actually writing to Helen the whole time…not Honor.

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The heroine has been exchanging letters with a mysterious man who she thought was writing to her but he reveals in his latest letter that he believes he's writing to the heroine's sister, the famous supermodel. The whole letter exchange started months ago when someone dropped the sleeping heroine off in her car with a letter and a name. It turns out the hero helped both women; the sister from being stalked by a drunk photographer and the heroine from catching a cold sleeping outside. The heroine goes to the hero to clear the misunderstanding but she ends up getting caught in a whole trap where the hero is getting blackmailed by another with the heroine ending up as a suspect. She gets hauled away from the police and interrogated for three hours. However, the hero comes stomping over, disbelieving the heroine is innocent and takes her away in order to keep her from threatening his family. The heroine has a mixed welcome with the hero's sister-in-law already gunning for the hero only 3 months after her husband's death. The heroine handles herself pretty well. The dinner conversation get quite exciting actually. Next, he asks her to write an article in order to help his company since it's going under investigation with him since he's a suspect too. Times goes on and the heroine enjoys herself with most of the hero's family (sister-in-law still being a pain). She learns more about his dead wife and how her death negatively affected him that he couldn't even bear to look at her pictures nor stay in the house where they made it a home till now. The heroine starts to assume the hero chose the sister because she looked like his dead wife. The hero does tease her with them but things cause him to wonder. The next day, they catch the suspect who turns out the be a disgruntled job interviewee. The hero apologizes to the heroine but reveals he doesn't have her love letters because he's never sent her any. He says the only love letters he ever sent were to his wife when they were dating and he found them gone, which is why he was such a jerk because he panicked over the invasion of privacy. He even says that he wasn't writing to the sister at the time because he didn't want her but just enjoyed the person he was corresponding with. The hero is able to conclude that someone in the house has been writing the heroine letters in place of the hero and has the heroine's romance letters. He does about the heroine's feelings when she wrote the letters but she pulls up her guard since the whole thing was set up and he wasn't returning her feelings to him. The heroine is now on a desperate search and learns it was the daughter who came clean. She reveals she didn't want her father to marry the sister-in-law. Then she tells the heroine her worst nightmare: she gave the love letters to her father. The heroine bursts in to see the hero reading all her letters. He compliments her for writing for passionately and moves in to kiss her. However, her mind is going a billion miles an hour about how the hero wrote the letters, while thinking of her sister, lying to her about enjoying their letters exchange, etc. She rejects the hero again. Right when they're in the middle of fighting, the heroine's sister pops up and the hero takes her out. The heroine sees this as a sign that the hero wants the sister and not her. Frankly, I was surprised she didn't attempt to leave. They come back late and the heroine finally tells the sister to back off because the hero is hers. The hero hears everything from behind and the sister leaves them alone after telling the heroine that she wouldn't go after someone who was important to her sister. The two have a sit down where they open up about their feelings for each other and their insecurities. The hero states the sister was being a big sister. Then he gave the heroine his first love letter to her. The hero asks her to spend the rest of his life with him and she says yes and we get a happy ending.

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