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Josie has agreed to marry a ruthless millionaire named Kashimir in order to save her sister. Her older sister was kidnapped by Kashimir’s older brother in order to repay the debt accrued by her family. Josie has no choice but to submit herself to the will of Kashimir if she ever wants to see her sister again. The deal involves a fake marriage, but what is Kashimir really plotting? Josie’s first kiss is the one they share at their wedding ceremony, and she can’t stop the throbbing in her chest. But as time passes, she finds herself becoming more and more involved in the dispute between Kashimir and his hated brother. Will Josie ever find peace again?

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caught in his own trap 4  4

The heroine is desperate to save her big sister since she got caught by her ex-lover when trying to cover the heroine's debts when she got swindled into gambling a round by their hotel resort manager/boss. She goes to the hero to accept his proposal that she turned down the first time. What happened the first time is that he proposed a temporary marriage in order to get the land that her father swindled from the hero's father in gambling. He offers to spilt the money fifty-fifty but the heroine rejects it since it's a decision involving her sister and she knows what happened between the hero and sister. Then she gets pressured/ convinced by her boss to try her hand at gambling but she loses miserably and ends up asking the hero if his offer is still open. Unknown to her, the whole thing was constructed by the hero to the point that he got them hired at the resort and paid for their flight tickets there. The two discuss the things that happened in relation to their siblings and how the hero and his brothers are rivals, something the older sister blamed herself. I do like that we get to see both of their thoughts into this process. The two throw a quick Las Vegas wedding but there is some comedy, it's quite funny. Then the two go on a little honeymoon where they open up to their pasts. The hero gives his side of what happened. Apparently, he was suspicious of the heroine's sister went she proclaimed to be selling the land. He told his brother but he didn't believe him and that hero the hero immensely who grew up in a strong familial bond. So, he went out and got drunk and accidently spilled everything to a reporter who had it plastered on the morning paper. The hero tried to apologize to the brother but the brother wouldn't even look at him. The heroine comforts him but he pulls away because he can't fathom why he opened up to her so easily. They hit their first bump when she catches in the lie of ignorant of her sister's location. The hero actually has to sleep by her side in order to make sure she doesn't make a run for it. The hero puts the final pieces of his revenge together when by using the heroine as bait for the sister to get what he desires. However, the heroine confesses her love for the hero who's flabbergasted since he's made no lies about his personality. She's able to reel him in with her smile and honest personality that he actually falls in love with her. He faces the fear of losing the heroine if his plan for revenge is complete. Then by twist of fate, his brother calls who tells him that not only did the sister tell him everything but he's signed the papers because he loves the sister. The hero tells them to destroy the papers because it's meaningless and that he'll take care of the heroine. Next, he tells the heroine he loves her and wants her to choose him. She does and she gets a happy reunion with her sister. Everything goes well till the hero confesses to the heroine that he orchestrated the whole thing and the heroine can't forgive him for it. She leaves with her sister and the hero's brother. Two months pass, the heroine tells the sister that she's pregnant and the both hero and brother reconcile. The hero and heroine find a private moment to have a heart to heart where the both of them confess their feelings for one another and set to have a real wedding. Then the heroine springs the news of the hero's impending fatherhood. We skips through the years to a cute family gathering at the hospital when the sister has given birth to twins. It really was a cute ending.

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