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Madeline is taken aback after one look at Chase McAllister, the man who now owns part of her father’s hotel. He is so arrogant, ruthless and hot! But she mustn’t be drawn to the man who’s trying to take over the hotel she loves so much. Chase makes bold advances on Madeline, ignoring her rejections. He is good at his job and has the social skills to charm people with his brilliant smile and sophisticated manner. Before long, Madeline finds herself infatuated with the man, but she is all too unaware of the dark glimmer that appears in Chase’s eyes the moment she passionately responds to his kiss.

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wouldn't be that forgiving 2  2

that was quite the revenge story, specially seeing as it was for nothing since the hero got the wrong guy. I think i would have had trouble believing his sincerity after what he's done. i would have liked to see him try his best to stay away from the heroine, since she wasn't part of his regenve plan...but this is Harlequin so happy ending!!

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it was nice 3  3

The heroine is at odds with the new guy who took her father's job. The hero is also at odds with her for personal reasons but he finds her bold and straightforward attitude something of an interest to him. I did like the scene how she just walked to the driver's side and hopped in the seat. Weeks pass and the heroine sees the better qualities of the hero from communicating with large clients to comforting senior employees in a rough patch. The hero does make his intentions clear to the heroine that he wants her even if she doesn't want him. The heroine can also see there is tension between the hero and her father in terms of business. She also learns of his past of losing his mother when he was eight by suicide when her married lover dumped her. The heroine can see he bears a heavy grudge and she finally gives into his pursuit. He becomes the man who comforts her when her father chooses another person from a different hotel because they're in the same social group to take over her that is also her ex-fiancée. They have another night but come morning is when crud hits the fan. The father comes charging in about how the hero stole his share of the hotel and the hero reveals the reason is because the father was the married lover who dumped the hero's mother who pulled a gun on her head right after the phone call. The heroine hears everything but the father suffers a heart attack. Before father goes unconscious, he reveals it wasn't him that was the married lover but his father. His father planned to divorce his wife but she threatened to take the hotel away and the children. I don't know how the woman could take the children because it sounds like the heroine's father was already a married adult. The hero realizes he got revenge on the wrong guy. His relationship with the heroine is broken up and she doesn't want to see him. In order to make amends, he gives the heroine the father's ownership of the hotel and sets to leave. The heroine goes after the hero and they confess their love and we have a happy ending.

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