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Sabrina kept secretly meeting with parliament member Garth. To her, he was a man without peer; however, they couldn’t let anyone know about their relationship. If the world found out, Garth’s career as a politician would come to an end. That is why their secret must be protected at all costs, even from Garth’s son-in-law, Marc. At the same time, Marc is single-minded in his overbearing attempts to seduce Sabrina. Sabrina ultimately falls for Marc and his charm, but in reality he has a hidden objective in mind!

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not the best story in this theme 3  3

It's the same theme of the story where the heroine discovers her father and he meets his daughter but they have to keep their relationship a secret or bad things will happen. I can't believe that for a man of Parliament that it never occurred to him that a little picture or something with the right kind of words would spark a false scandal. I understand the man isn't trying to repeat a cycle with his first wife who had a lover but was emotionally unstable when attempting to divorce her. However, his second wife is nothing like the first. The sad part is that he knew she existed in the first place because the father and the heroine's mother separated seven years ago with the wife dying soon after. He tried to find the heroine's mother but couldn't. He met another woman and they got married four years later. Then three years later, he runs into the heroine's mother who tells him about his daughter but they come to the conclusion not to do or say anything in order to disrupt the peace in their lives. Moving on, the man doesn't think her presence would spark doubt in the minds of his family members like his wife's younger brother who's immediately suspicious of the heroine. He comes to the same old conclusion that heroine is the father's mistress and he needs to get rid of her. Then like a domino, the father gets into an accident that renders him unconscious and the heroine's proof that he's only her father, not her lover goes up in smoke. Of course, the heroine has no idea of the hero's true motive. That is until he makes his intentions clear and says a lot of cruel things. The heroine can't say anything not only because she promised her father not to say anything but also the hero wouldn't believe her regardless. Then we get the whole fake lovers between the two in order to throw off any suspicion about the heroine's presence. I was please there was no coitus between the two. Then the hero offers her the mistress position since the father has woken up. He cuts the heroine off and she kicks him out. Two weeks later, she's living in a far countryside and the hero comes to pick her up. He got the truth from the father and I was fairly disappointed we didn't get to see him look and feel like a total idiot. Or the father feeling guilty for what his secrets have caused the heroine to suffer. The hero apologizes for all the cruel things and confesses he's been in love with her from the start. She states that she has too but is unable to trust him. He restates he'll whatever he can and she accepts him. The ending like the story's content felt kind of bland for me.

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