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As the maid of honor at her older sister’s wedding, Eve should be feeling only joy, but her heart is full of sadness, too. Unlike her beautiful sister, she’s simply plain no matter what she does. So when Eve realizes an unbelievably handsome man is staring at her, she’s sure that he’s just laughing at her hideous dress. But Matt Crow, attending his cousin’s wedding, has fallen utterly for the bride’s younger sister. She’s an angel! Her shiny blond hair and her diamond-blue eyes—he just can’t look away from her beauty.

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He fell so hard, he lied. 3  3

The hero falls hard like the old cartoons where he gets slammed down by Cupid's hammer when he sees the heroine in her hideous bridesmaid gown. He goes from dancing with her to suddenly asking her to marry him; that went well *sarcasm*! The heroine doesn't of course believe in the hero because she has let the power of words from her high school years dictate that she's ugly for being tall and more when she is gorgeous to the boot. I bet dollars to doughnuts that she has taken any sincere compliment from someone as a lie. Naturally, she turns him down and he's at a loss of what to do. That is until he gets a plan to have her move closer to home base where he can woo her better. He goes to a friend and proposes the heroine works for him based on her education, work skills, and accomplishments. The friend agrees to give her a two week trial and it seems to work perfectly since she can find a place to put all her stranded animals together. The hero is warned by his cousin that this backway of getting the heroine here through her work will only end badly because he experienced the same thing with the heroine's sister. The hero still persists and makes his way to the heroine by becoming a client of the friend to give the heroine a project to work on, renovating her new depleted house, making friends with all her animals, and more to gain her trust. The heroine starts to trust the hero and becomes enamored with the man. She even goes all the way when they are sent on a business trip to the tropics. Sadly, all good things come to an end and they do when the heroine's crummy co-worker reveals the hero's hand in everything. From then on, the heroine doesn't want anything to do with the hero even after finding out that he never got her the job but showed his friend of what a valuable asset she would be and has proven. Then her sister has a sit down with her and asks despite what the hero did, what does the heroine's heart tell her in all this. The heroine admits she still loves the hero and we get the confetti of love notes from the hero as he parachutes onto her property in hopes his big confession of love works. She confesses she loves him too and they make plans to get married.

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