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One day serious, hardworking personal assistant Emma meets her employer’s handsome grandson Gideon. Irritated by his arrogance, Emma hesitantly goes on a business trip to Manhattan with him. Overwhelmed by his commands, she doesn’t know what to think of the private jet and the luxurious suite. They are all new to Emma. Unlike her daydreaming mother, Emma knows better than to believe in fairy tales, but what tempts her more than luxury is Gideon’s passionate gaze…

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The Cinderella theme is one of the largest themes used in harlequin by authors like Betty Neels. Apparently, the heroine is supposed to be some sort of Cinderella for her hard boss. The woman wants her to deliver a letter to her grandson who has kind of in a way gone off the map. For me, that scenes with her standing out in the cold rain were the closest to the heroine being Cinderella and even that was stretching it. The only fairytale they seem to use that was close with the heroine's wet situation was the little match girl. Other than that, I didn't feel a vibe for Cinderella. To summarize, the heroine is told to bring the hero back to the family company since he left and cut everyone out. Why? Apparently, he discovered the hard way that he wasn't related to his family or the grandmother in anyway. My guess either he was adopted or his mom had an affair with another man. That's actually never specified but it did break off the relationship with his dad for quite a while. The hero does come but only to help and the fact he was strong-armed by his grandmother to come. The hero isn't the only one with familial baggage; the heroine has had to deal with her mother, the dreamer. She has shown the heroine the side of falling in love too quickly with the wrong guy and getting your heart broken. She has always depended on the heroine to pay her credit bills and comfort her when she's upset. It's pretty sad and watching this her entire life has caused her to sworn off men for good. The grandmother has the two work together on a big project and a bond slowly builds between them. Things go well with business and personal till they come home to find the grandmother collapsed on the ground. The woman is tough, pulling through talk and give orders. The whole thing does give groundwork for the hero to reconnect with his family, especially his father. That leaves the heroine to work on with taking the chance with love. It starts with hero pursuing the heroine. They go home run first but the hero starts wooing with candlelight dinners and meals he made himself. However, the heroine resists since the hero will be leaving and she doesn't want to turn out like her mother. The heroine is merely limiting her options herself in fear of how she's going to be negatively affected from the unknown. So, she rejects the hero's offer to see the world. By then, the hero has fallen for the heroine and wants to be with her. So, he gets the grandmother to give the heroine an assignment that was same as the first one. The heroine comes and he takes her inside to talk over things. During which, the two open their hearts over the love and fear they hold. They confess their love and we get a lovely happy ending. I just don't feel that there was enough Cinderella in the theme.

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