Historical Romance THE BEAUTY WITHIN

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Cressie may be the daughter of a count, but her family has never let her forget that she is the most plain of all of her sisters. Now, years after her debut in London high society, she still hasn’t found a husband…and her father, the stern Count Armstrong, tells her she will now serve as her stepbrothers’ tutor. Left with no choice but to obey his orders, she arrives at her stepmother’s house, where she meets Giovanni di Matteo. He’s a world-famous portrait artist who’s been hired to paint a picture of her stepbrothers. Cressie doesn’t know how to respond when the gorgeous Signor di Matteo tells her he wants to paint her picture, but before long, she feels the distance between the two of them growing smaller. Little does she know that Giovanni hasn’t been entirely forthcoming about his background…

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Art and Math 5  5

You never thought those two would go together but they did in the form of romance. We have the heroine who's a mathematics genius but lives in a patriarchal society that deems her unfit to learn more. Then there's the addition of her father who thinks boys should do whatever they want since they are superior. Anybody who's had experience in childcare experience can tell those children are going to turn into adult sized brats if discipline and the magic word, "NO" aren't put into their daily agenda. The hero is a painter who's painted for money and lost his passion for painting. That is until he meets the heroine who brings these ideas and intellectual thoughts that far differs her from the other women in his life. So, he pursues in hopes of painting her. The heroine is quite perplexed by the hero who actually speaks to her as an equal in terms mathematics nor belittles her but actually challenges. He finds her mind and voice far more attractive than the physical beauty, something the heroine has an insecurity about. We can thank the father and step-mother for that. As they spend more time together, they find more things in common. The hero was a child of a fisherman who lived a happy life till his birth father dragged him away to become his next heir since he had none left. He never saw the parents who raised him and left the father's house to get away from his control. The man became so poor and desperate that he turned to gigolo business till his paintings took off. The heroine reveals her own bad experience with the opposite sex of where she gave everything for the man but he being obligated to marry her and she couldn't live in that kind of marriage. Later on, the heroine finds out the hard of the hero's sideways business the hard way that weakens their relationship. The heroine gets all distracted from current family drama, enough for her step-mother to break them apart. However, the step-mother and heroine actually share their tears over the men in their lives. During this time, the hero heads back to Italy to end things with his dying birth father. The old man reveals the hero's parents never gave up on him and kept begging the father to let them see the boy. However, he wouldn't let them. He has the hero paint his portrait then dies. The hero decides to go after the heroine and it's a happy reunion. The heroine tells the hero she wants to be with him and he tells her that he loves her. It's quite a sweet ending.

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