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When her mother, the mistress of a multimillionaire, passes away, Belle worries about how she’ll raise her little half siblings. Then the multimillionaire’s oldest son, Cristo Ravelli, appears. Belle feels bashful when faced with his fine features and sinfully beautiful eyes, but her heart freezes the instant she hears his proposal. He coldly commands her to put the children up for adoption and end all ties with the Ravelli family. Belle was desperately trying to protect her young family, but Cristo hid ulterior motives behind his beautiful eyes. He will only look after the children, he says, if Belle becomes his wife…

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Guilty pleasure 5  5

Even though the stories are usually the same, i absolutely love Ayumu Aso's adaptions. i don't know but something about them just makes me want more and more. What i love the most is the way the hero always ends making a 180 when it comes to his personality. the premise was a little weird what with the 5 siblings, but i loved the way the heroine wasn't a complete pushover.

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decent 3  3

The hero finds out from the his father lawyer that he had a mistress who gave him five children but didn't leave them a cent in his will. At the moment, he's the only one of his three half brothers to take on the task of handling the situation before it blows into a full blown media scandal. The heroine expresses her disgust at the hero's dead father and the family because of their refusal to provide tuition for her five half siblings even after the death of her mother. When she gets a call from the hero who thinks she's her mother, so she takes this opportunity to demand money for her siblings. When she gets there and makes a meal for the hero and his bodyguard, she learns from the hero that cottage she lives in is in her name and after she dies, it goes back to being the property of the mansion, therefore her children get nothing. Translation: the heroine and her siblings have just lost the house. The hero comes up with a proposal that he'll give her none for the mansion if she gives the children up for adoption. In her anger, she accidentally reveals that she's the sister and her mother is dead. The hero and heroine meet again while the heroine is out with her youngest sibling, they have another heated conversation that ends in a kiss. The hero has a second option for the heroine: marry him and they adopt the children. The heroine agrees and I liked on the day of the wedding, the oldest half-sibling of both heroine and hero confronts the hero on what will happen if he hurts his sister. This is where I liked the hero because he reassured the teen that he won't hurt the heroine. After the wedding, the hero talks about his family; for example, how he had a hand in ruining his brother's marriage to his wife but won't reveal with what. After a passionate night, the brother with the ruined marriage comes in angry over the fact that he found out his wife married him for his money & is trying to take his assets. The hero tries to reassure his brother, but he won't have it and says something rude to the heroine who leaves to give the two men privacy. Then the heroine shows her smarts when helping the hero with his work and they go out to celebrate but the heroine finds a picture of the brother's wife in the hero's wallet, which it has a another meaning. The matter quickly is resolved when the hero has the heroine turn the picture over and see the brother's face on the other side. There's a nice little confession from the hero and the final page ends with all the siblings and grandmother enjoying tea together.

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