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Giselle closed down her catering company after losing her dear cofounder and her boyfriend at the same time. While she apologized to her clients for canceling their reservations, Fayiz, a sexy, wealthy man, did not accept her apology and asked her to honor her contract. Giselle, pressured and intimidated, ended up taking the job and successfully served the “passion course.” The serious Fayiz complimented Giselle on completing the job, and then out of nowhere asked her to move in with him. What could he possibly be thinking?

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He has got such a mouth 3  3

The hero has got such a mouth on him that I almost wanted to send him to manners school. The few things that come out of hero's mouth with a positive effect is the how he seems to push the heroine to do her best. To go back to the start, the heroin has just lost her boyfriend to her best friend who was also her partner who ran off with the boyfriend and left all the debts to the heroine. The heroine tries to contact her latest client to cancel his order because of recent events. Instead of letting it go, the hero is such a jerk about it, he says women are risky business partners because they're unfaithful and untrustworthy. Hey! I've worked with crummy people who were both men and women and I have never treated anybody rudely with based on their gender, you can bet your bonnet that I have been snappish to them because they were a unpleasant person to deal the hero. However, the hero's rudeness sparks the heroine's spirt back into play. The dinner goes off well and the hero is a confusing person because he still acts rude to the heroine but he helps her clean up the kitchen then hires her to work as a personal chef for three months. The next client are arabian princes and at the last minute is their sister who eats alone. The heroine asks the hero why she couldn't eat with them and the hero replies that women of their culture don't dine with men who aren't their relatives. The heroine comes back with how sad it is for the princess to eat alone. This ticks off the hero who says she's only there to serve guests and the heroine says, "I don't have the right to say my opinion, You're treating me like a lower-class person because I'm a servant and a woman,". The hero admits to she's right in that statement. I wanted to give you this conversation to show you that both people were idiots in handling this conversation. Yet, he does have the last word on the heroine jumping to conclusions. After this fight, the two barely speak to each other. The hero takes the heroine to his mansion and the heroine sees the man as a devoted father to his adorably sweet little girl. The heroine finds out that the hero made his way up from a poor family to the man he is, he lost his family to bombing, and he does want his daughter to be independent. The two of them share a special moment and they enjoy with not just each other but also with the daughter like cooking, going to the beach and more. Then it goes wrong when the couple go out for a private dinner and he proposes marriage to her and who happens to turn up but the ex-wife (the adorable girl's mother). Remember how the heroine commented that the ex-wife should be a piece of work to have married the the hero. Boy! She hit the target on that comment, bullseye and all. The whole incident has the hero take back his proposal, admitting that he wanted to marry her to be a mother to his daughter. The heroine leaves but gets a call from the girl that her mother is trying to take her out of the country. The heroine distracts the mother, while the homely housekeeper sneaks the girl out of the ex-wife's eyesight. The hero arrives and tells the ex-wife since she broke one of their rules, she has lost custody. The hero apologizes to the heroine for his earlier behavior and confesses his love for the heroine. The ending was nice.

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