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Andi lost both her father and her fiancé in the same car accident, and now she’s been saddled with all the debt her father left behind. The only solution is to sell her family’s mansion. In the depths of despair, she meets Linus, an up-and-coming real-estate tycoon who’s interested in purchasing the property. He’s a calculating man and makes her an offer of his own—she can stay and live in the mansion with her mother…if she’ll be his secretary. Andi feels anxious whenever she’s around him, but with no other options, she decides to accept his offer so that she can stay in her home with her mother. But what if Linus’s real goal isn’t just the mansion, but Andi herself?

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becky's comment - March 30th, 2018

I like how hero speaks to heroine in a kind and comforting way instead of taking advantage of her situation and bringing her down.

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a year in making 3  3

The hero and heroine become acquainted when the heroine's house is seized by debt collectors and the hero buys it.This all happened after the heroine's father and fiancee died in a car accident and her mother become a depressed recluse what with losing her husband and home at the same time. The hero comes up with a deal for the heroine to be his secretary and her mother and her can live in the gatehouse. The mother is overjoyed by the deal and the heroine accepts. The hero and heroine go through this employer and employee business all while hiding their growing feelings. The heroine sees the hero being a kind and generous man with bringing flowers to her mother and talking. The hero also sees the heroine's strength in never complaining about anything when she has lost so much. They become fond of each other but they see each other's title of playboy and "missing the fiancee still". It takes a trip for the hero and heroine to have those feelings surface. The whole bedroom at the inn pops up a lot of mixed feelings between the two. During that trip, the hero opens up on the details of his past. Where the tabloids go on about him growing up in the poor part of Glasgow, they didn't know about his father not wanting him but his mother raised him with all the love till she died when he was fourteen. The irony of his anger towards his dad empowered him to be more rich and successful as a sort of revenge against the man. The hero also helps the heroine cry for the first time since she was so busy being the pillar with the chaos that swirled around her a year ago. With their emotions raw and flowing, they fall into bed where the hero learns the fiancee never went where he did. The whole thing shakes the hero because now the heroine has two choices: continue on with this arrangement or quit being his secretary. The heroine takes it the wrong way and says the wrong thing to the hero who in turn says the wrong thing to her. He also lets something about the fiancee slip. It spurs the heroine to sign in her resignation and see her mother. When the hero sees the letter of resignation, he goes after the heroine. During his speed chase, the heroine discovers from the mother that the fiancee was a con man who was stealing from the family's company. He was the reason why they're bankrupt and such. The heroine and her mother have a heart to heart talk and it was nice to see. The mother also tells how the hero knew and helped talked to her about as a way to get through the grief, promising not to say a word to the heroine. She also tells the heroine that the hero is at home and the heroine runs to his place. The hero and heroine have their own heart to heart talk where they reveal everything. They discover their feelings for each other are the same. The hero asks the heroine to marry and she says yes. They kiss and end with making plans for the future.

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