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Just sitting in the passenger seat of Rafaele’s car is enough to make Samantha feel like he owns her again. Four years ago, she fell passionately in love with the wealthy CEO of a luxury car company. Samantha ended up pregnant, but Rafaele saw her as nothing more than a fling and ended their relationship before she could tell him. She thought she’d never see him again, but here she is sitting next to him. When he sees her son, he instantly realizes that the child must be his. Lashing out in anger that Samantha hid his child from him, Rafaele sets out to use his money and power to make life as difficult as he can for her. But what does he really hope to gain from this?

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feelings for each other 4  4

The heroine has to bite the bullet and go back to the company where she had a passionate affair with the hero till he dumped her because it was a fling to him for her department's future. The hero doesn't want any relation with a woman due it his mother's reckless and cruel ways that gave him an abusive stepfather and his sad environment. Yet, he takes the heroine away infant of an audience because one man was getting too close to her. When the hero drops the heroine off, he sees her son and the striking resemblance to himself. Right then, the hero is all for custody in order to protect his son from the probability of having a childhood similar to his. Within the next 24 hours, the hero has situated himself neatly in the heroine's work and home. Yet, it doesn't prepare him for his son (boy has no idea it's his father) not to want strangers in the house. Yet, the heroine and hero are able to get closer, along with the son. I found the whole park scene to be very sweet. The hero even goes so far to see his father again, which helps the heroine sees the deeper parts of the hero's life. Sadly, the hero ruins it with marriage license based on convention but the heroine refuses to go through with it because she doesn't want to go back to a life where she was with someone but was alone like with her father. So, she leaves with the son. The hero finally has a sit down with his father and is encouraged to go after the heroine. When he sees the heroine, he confesses his feelings for her were the same from four years ago till present but he was too afraid to act on them. He asks the heroine to marry him and she cries with joy that she loves him too. We skip to the wedding with almost everyone happy. The hero's half brother has no idea why he married till he meets a woman and we are led to the next harlequin comic of this series.

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Insanely good 5  5

The history is good as hell, have a little of 'everything'. The art is insane. Actually, the half of the history is tell by the characters expressions, no words need. Thanks god is a serie. What's the next one?

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Good 5  5

Love this artist

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