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Rachel is nearly attacked by a hoodlum on a dark street at night, but she’s saved by a man with an air of danger about him. He leaves Rachel, shaken from the sudden incident, without even giving her his name. The next day she learns that he’s Cullen Logan, a man everyone in the village has heard an unpleasant rumor about. But Rachel can’t believe that the man who saved her could be a bad person. He didn’t seem like such a scary person; he seemed reliable and honest. But maybe Rachel will get the chance to sort out the discrepancy when she is approached by Cullen himself!

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seeing under the guise 4  4

The heroine returns to her family's home after her husband divorces her because he's fallen for someone else. Two years past and she's still dealing with the pain because the guy was a huge enough jerk to send her his wedding invitation not more than two months after their divorce has been finalized. When she's going home one night, she's almost robbed but saved by the hero who begs her not to call the cops because the robber is just an abused kid. The heroine complies with his request since he saved her. Later, she learns the hero was and still is seen as a problem child because of his father was a alcoholic abuser who was a menace to everyone. The village viewed him as a menace and they passed their prejudiced eyes on the son who they didn't see nor help was, despite the fact it was obvious he was an abused kid. Then the father dies and people suspect the hero is the murderer but evidence rules him out. This is detective work at it's worst: the key evidence was an expensive bottle of whisky. Now, if we assume that the man's behavior extend to his work life, it would make near impossible for him to work long enough to afford a bottle of the expensive whisky. Nor would there be any cases of a forced break-in that resulted in a whisky bottle being missing. All you have to do is call the manufacturer and ask how many bottles did they ship to the town then call the grocery stores to see how bottles were bought in the past month -to year and who buys this specific brand as a regular. I'm not even mentioning fingerprint possibility because they could have been wiped off. Moving on, the heroine hears horrible things and is advised to stay away but she doesn't. She sees there's a better man under the title of menace. She sees what a caring man he is to a kid that's in the same position as he was. How he stands up to the kid's abusive father then takes the boy under his wing. The heroine starts going out of her way to spend more time with him but he tries to keep her at a distance since he is his father's son. Then there's the abuser who throws his threats and his weight around but the hero is the one who can and will knock the jerk down. The whole confrontation gives the two enough opening to get closer and leading up to things in the bedroom. A month and half later, the heroine discovers she's pregnant and she's happy. However, the hero is freaking out because he fears of having a kid will make him turn out to be like his father. Yet, he insists on marrying only for a year of convenience. The heroine is against the whole idea but decides to give it a shot in hopes she can change his mind by the expiration date. During wedding preparations, the hero's brothers-in-arms come by to celebrate and not a moment too soon. Later that night, the abuser attempts to burn the hero's house down but fails and is caught by some big army guys. He also hears about the heroine receiving an threatening letter but him. They have a lovely wedding and the even afterwards, the hero actually opens up about his past. He even describes what happened the night his father died. He describes knocking out his father when he found him beating his mistress, a married woman that he helped escape. He decided to leave that night but was brought back by the police who told him of his father's death. The whole past reveal brings up a lot of questions and the heroine finally learns why the hero keeps on insisting that he's not the man for her. The hero says it's because when he punched his dad, he felt good doing it. By feeling that, it made him feel guilty for what he did. For me, it's understandable to be afraid of the violent tendencies but this wasn't him abusing his strength but standing up to a bully. However, nothing the heroine says can change the hero's mind. This communication goes on for months till the heroine's due date is close at hand. When the two travel to a party, they get into a car accident but are uninjured. The hero sees sabotage. He has the heroine's brother take her to the party. Once there, she overhears the mistress's husband stating the hero did murder his father and how he's a nuisance. The angry heroine calls him out for his words then notices he's drinking expensive whisky. She starts listing the things related the hero's father's murder case like expensive whisky. Her words shakes the man's wife's nerves and she drops a glass. When she goes to pick it up but the hero stops her because he doesn't want to cut herself. When she sees the hero again and remembers that he's still kind to her as he was 15 years ago, she spills the beans. She confesses to the whole thing and it was her husband who brought the whisky in order to get the guy drunk enough so the abusive dad could beat him up as a lesson. They just didn't expect him to get up, walk around, and fall into the ditch where he drowned. The husband tries to shut her up but the hero steps in his way. The wife continues on with how afraid they were with the hero coming back and things coming to light. So, the husband employed the abuser again to do his dirty work like sabotage the car. The hero grabs the husband by the collar and nearly punches him but stops when the heroine touches him arm. He stops and lets the man go. He realizes he stopped and it's because the heroine was there. The whole thing sparks the idea that he actually he isn't like his father. Right then, the heroine goes into labor and is rushed to the hospital. She gives birth to a baby girl who has the hero break down in tears. he reveals that he's leaving the army for good and wants to make their marriage work because he trusts himself to be a good father and husband. He also says how it's the heroine who helped him realize it. He finally confesses his love and we get a sweet ending with all three of them together.

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