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Brianna lives happily with her adoptive father, but one day she receives a letter from her late biological mother, Rebecca. Brianna has no interest in learning about the feelings of this woman who abandoned her…until lawyer Nathan, who knows about the tragic events of Rebecca’s life, persuades her otherwise. With this, Brianna decides to seek the truth about her father, the man who made her mother suffer so. As Nathan helps her in this endeavor, Brianna finds herself growing attracted to him, but her search for the truth just might reveal an unexpected connection between the two of them!

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3.5 let go of the past 4  4

The heroine gets a shot out of the blue when she receives a letter from a lawyer who state that it's from her birth mother. The heroine wants nothing to do with the letter because she's lived a happy life with her loving family, they who adopted her. Now, the heroine decides to confront the law firm to stop them from sending any more letters and messing around in her family's life. This is where she meets the hero is one of the lawyers. It's not until she finds out that her mother died at the age of 18, shortly after giving birth to the heroine. She left the heroine an inheritance but what the heroine really wants now is to figure out who is her biological father. She learns of the lonely life her mother had and that she fell in love with someone she shouldn't have. The hero goes with her to act as mediator between people, especially friends and family who surrounded the birth mother at the time who also happen to be friends and family of the hero. The two lie in order to keep everyone from wondering and guessing over the heroine's presence. The two take notes and try to figure out who among the male individuals could be the biological father. During this time, the heroine learns of what anger, revenge, and sadness have wrought on the people. Her grandfather thought he was a rebound to the heroine's grandmother who was supposedly in love with the hero's father. This jealousy caused him to separate mother from daughter and neglect his wife despite her numerous attempts to reassure that she only loved him until it was too late. By then, the relationship between the grandfather and the heroine's mother deteriorated and the heroine sees a lonely man with only his past mistakes for company. The hero's father also feels responsible for the mother's death. The heroine sees a pattern of suffering and with little no evidence to point her in the right direction of her birth decides to go home. Later, the hero brings proof that one of the suspect wasn't even in the same country when the heroine was pregnant. The hero admits that he's fallen in love with the heroine and he wants to be with her. The heroine admits to loving the hero too and they head to her home to bring her dad the good news. However, when they go back to the heroine's house, they find one of the relatives with his wife the heroine puts two and two together. The BF apologizes over and over to the heroine and tells his side. The BF was in a rough patch with his wife over the fact they couldn't have children. She turned to drinking and hitting the BF and when he met the mother who was also a vulnerable soul like him, they made a connection; a connection that turned into the heroine. The couple admit their faults and the heroine sees the suffering the people have been feeling for the past 21 years. The wife admits that they looked for the heroine in order to raise her as their but when they saw how happy she was with her adoptive family, they left her alone to remain that way. The heroine tells the BF that she can't see him as her father but she invites the both of them for sunday dinner. It's an all's well that ends well with the hero and heroine along with the 10 million pounds that the mother left for her daughter.

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