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Eva has sunk into depression. A world-famous singer, she underwent a botched vocal cord surgery and lost her beautiful voice along with her fame. When she meets a man at a masquerade in Venice, she feels the same hurt and loneliness in him. In a bid to escape her treacherous fiancé, Eva pretends to be Matthew’s lover…and their passionate kiss is so perfect that she’s able to forget everything else. It was only a brief encounter with a man who still loves his late wife. So why has Eva started dreaming of their future?

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Everything goes downhill for the heroine when she loses her voice after surgery. So, to get away from the media hounds, she runs away to Venice and their masquerade masks. Our main couple run into each other, they have fun talking. However, things get heated when the heroine sees her ex-fiancée who left her after her voice, fame, and money ran dry and wants to reject the pain in her chest, so she takes the hero by the lips passionately and deeply. I did like who she apologizes and explains her actions for kissing him. I also liked how he responded, very mature. The two of them head back to the hero's house to mingle and more. The next morning has them waking up and opening up about their pasts. The hero is a widow who lost his beloved wife a year from today's date and is lost on what to do and everything seems meaningless. The heroine reveals her celebrity name but the hero isn't intimidated by it. So, they begin a healthy relationship. They dig deeper into each other's past like the heroine's mother had to fight her father in court in order to make pay child support. The man wouldn't even send her a birthday but when he got married again and had a little girl, he treated her like she was the princess of the world. To put salt on the heroine's wounds, the half-sister goes to meet her and wants to be a singer. This made the heroine despise and she can't bring herself to respond back to the sister's messages. I wonder how that sister would react if she knew how negligent her dad was to her half-sister. The hero helps the heroine regain her confidence as a person and a songwriter and also shows how much he cares about her by decking a rude paparazzi man from shooting awful phrases without worrying about getting arrested. In fact, watching her make a comeback pushes him to make a comeback to go back to working at the family company. All of this goes well until the plus sign pops up on a pregnancy test. The heroine is happy but the hero is scared because he's afraid of going through the same thing of losing someone. However, he toughs it and talks to the heroine about their future titles as parents and as it's going up, it goes down when the hero brings ups a marriage of convenience. It's a conversation that goes south on a path where the heroine runs off, saying she'll raise the baby alone and slams the door in the door's face. The hero goes back home to Texas, where he sees a gossip rag with his picture that shows him looking happy as he looks at the heroine. After some confirming with his brother on what he's feeling in the picture, the hero realizes it's love and he's in love with the heroine. During this time, the heroine realizes that what she's doing by keeping her child away from its father is the future of her past of not having a father in her life and how much it hurt her. Then it's a race around the world as the heroine goes to Dallas to see the hero and the hero goes to Monte Carlo to see the heroine but they miss each other. They are able to meet and talk things over. The heroine also tells the hero that her half-siser will be singing the new song. The two of them talk about moving forward in their lives and they want the other to be right next to them. It was really from the heart sweet and romantic and I loved the ending with the wedding and the baby.

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