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Candace was hired by the extremely charming businessman Nick as a nanny to look after his daughter, Jennie. Nick had just lost his wife and favored work over looking after his daughter, giving Candace a cold first impression. She tries desperately to make him acknowledge his fatherly affection, but her words go in one ear and out the other. Angered by Nick’s apathetic response to his daughter, Candace lets loose a secret she hadn’t meant to spill: she is Jennie’s real mother!

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it was a surprise for the hero 3  3

This one had a bit of a twist. The hero is dealing with a hard time of facing his newborn baby girl of his deceased wife who he was on the rocks with since the beginning of their marriage. After the wife's death, he's buried himself in his work and has left his daughter to the care of his sister, housekeeper, and nanny. When he returns home, he finds a new nanny and she makes a good impression on him. However, it seems the nanny (the heroine ) already has an impression of him in a not so positive light. We learn that the hero married the wife because she asked her father to tell the hero that he had to marry the wife in order to pay back his debt. So, for the last seven years, he's been paying back the father to be free and he would have been serving the divorce papers to the wife if she had lived. It takes feeding a baby for the both of them to change their perspective on things at hand. The two are attracted to each but they resist for personal reason like the hero has a lot on his plate with dealing with his father-in-law who forced him to marry his daughter and has company shares for the hero's company. It takes an outing and incident with birds for the heroine to reveal her big secret: she's baby girl's mom and the hero and wife's surrogate, which is something the hero had no idea about. Apparently, the hero and wife were doing vitro fertilization because the wife was having a hard time conceiving but he was gone for most of the wife's "pregnancy" and birth. The wife hid surrogate and played out that she was the one pregnant in front of the hero's sister with probably a fake belly bump and faking morning sickness. The heroine says that she followed with the wife's wishes but severely regrets believing the wife. The whole thing has him shaken because now, he's not sure that the baby is his because his wife had a lover (he's going off by the receipts that showed two people when it was the heroine being the second person). Since receiving the news, the hero starts taking cold showers from all the wet dreams he's having about the heroine. There are some things cleared up and the heroine talks about how wonderful the wife was and all she ever wanted was the hero's child. So, the heroine gave her the chance to be a mother to the hero's child. The heroine is also struggling to resist her attraction to the hero. The hero and heroine go out with family and friends for a picnic where the heroine learns more about each other then meets the wife's father who has some not so nice things to say to the heroine. The heroine learns from the hero that the wife never loved him for him, only for what she could turn him into. The hero did date her but he never seduced nor was he going to take their relationship further. When the wife learned of this, she lied to her dad, saying the hero seduced her but wouldn't marry her. The lie had the dad launch a business attack on the hero and the people around him until he agreed to marry the wife. The hero was stuck between a rock and a hard place. That night, the two of them share a special bond and the next morning, the wife's father is suing the hero for custody of the daughter. He has no grounds since the girl isn't the wife's child but to have more stable fight, the hero asks the heroine to marry him. The heroine rejects his proposal because she believes that he's not in love with her. Luckily, the hero is able to find proof from the wife's diary of her actions and uses it as leverage against the father in order for him to back off. The two of them come to an agreement that the wife was happier before she married the hero and the hero offers to put a special playground named after the wife for the father. The father agrees and they are able to find some common ground. The hero reads and finds out the wife did love him but she realized her mistake of forcing him to marry her but wanted to have his child to raise no matter what. The hero proposes to the heroine once more and expresses it by showing her a house that can be a house filled with love and reveals that he's in love with the heroine for the heroine and not for the baby girl. The heroine sees the hero is in love with her and she confesses that she's in love with him and we get our happily ever after.

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