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One summer, young Charlotte met Riccardo and fell in love. Then she discovered that he, the son of a noble family in Italy, was merely enjoying summer love, and her days of devoting her heart and body ended in tragedy. Some years later, Riccardo’s mean looks still haunt and pain her. Now a real-estate agent, Charlotte is shocked when she finds her next client is none other than the unforgettable Riccardo!

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3.8, I did like this one. 4  4

Our main couple is reunited after nearly a decade when the heroine at the age of 19 went to see her boyfriend of a short period in his home country only to find out that he's rich, his mother insults, and the hero rejects the heroine right to her face of their relationship. Now, the hero meets her again and acts like everything but isn't for the heroine because she remembers how horrible the last time they met went. The heroine tries to leave the hero uses "it would be bad for your business" card. Now, they go through the house but the hero senses the hostility and distance from the heroine. He even finds out that their last meeting left a horrible memory for the heroine. Then the hero wants to start over again with the heroine but she won't have it. So, she lies about having a new lover. The heroine seems to have the last laugh until she's out at a jazz with an old friend (male) and the hero shows up with a pretty thing at his side. He slides his way into dancing with the heroine, irritating her but she gets back when she lies to the pretty thing about how much she's heard about her from the hero and she can't wait to hear when is the wedding date. She also involves her friend to play along with her lie. He sees there's no ring on her finger, giving him the advantage. So, he leaves with his pretty thing scampering after him. The friend can see the hero is heavily attracted to the heroine. The moment of truth arrives when the hero arrives at the heroine's house unexpectedly with a bouquet of roses and finds the pictures of her little girl. When he meets her, he sees the family resemblance up close. It doesn't go so very well on she said and he said arguments. The hero leaves with last word that it's not over. It's definitely not because when the heroine offers the hero the weekends, he denies being considered an part-time dad and wants to be a full time dad. The full time part being he tells her they should get married for the little girl's benefit and the heroine replies with a definite no. Now, the hero goes back to the heroine's house to reintroduce himself ( the heroine knows and is okay with it) to the little girl as her father. The first meeting goes great between hero and daughter then when the little girl is asleep, we have the usual banter. Now, there was something that really ticked me off about what the hero said,"Some marriages with passion end in divorce too. What's wrong with marrying for a good cause?" OH COME ON! Anyone with common sense can tell the hero that marriage is comprised of more than just passion; it's trust, respect, friendship, kindness, supportive, and most important is love. Marrying for a good cause like being in love is one thing but if you just marry for something else entirely with bitter feelings still hanging around then there's a high risk that marriages based on those aren't going to last like the passionate ones. I did like the heroine still resisting the hero's advances and we get to see the heroine's inner thoughts like his struggles with the heroine's "fiancee". It isn't long before the hero moves into the heroine's house in order to be closer to his daughter without telling the heroine. It's eggshells on the floor with the hero and heroine trying to figure out the other person's angle in the whole arrangement; the hero wants the heroine and daughter back in his life, even the heroine as herself but hasn't told her and the heroine is the once-burned, twice shy kind of girl since it was the hero who burned her. I was disappointed that they had intercourse before the mess written earlier was cleared up. Even more so, that the heroine wanted to run out of bed instead of demanding answers from the hero. It's six months before the paparazzi catch wind of the hero's activities and start to swarm the house after the hero leaves per agreement of how long he could stay. The paparazzi's prying microphones & questions excite the little girl but frighten the heroine so much that she goes to him to ask for help in getting rid of the pesky flies. The heroine lies about the little girl being frightened about the whole situation but does feel guilty about it. The whole thing actually pushes the heroine to accept the hero's proposal and things are tense after that. Luckily, it's not until the hero runs into the heroine and the "fiancee" (the friend from the jazz club) that he stomps over there and learns the "fiancee" is just a friend. The two of them are able to open up their feelings to each other, clearing the air, and making light hearts ready for a wedding. The ending was sweet and I did like this one.

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