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It’s like a fairy tale. Imogen instantly falls in love with crown prince Nadir at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. After days of passionate love, Imogen becomes pregnant. When she tells Nadir, she’s shocked by his harsh response! One year and five months after disappearing from him in despair, Imogen runs into Nadir again, and this time he’s threatening to punish her for taking his daughter away from him!

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The hero & heroine meet at Moulin Rouge where the heroine is a dancer and the hero is sheikh. Everything seems to be a fairytale to the heroine despite the hero not talking about himself until the heroine tells him that she's pregnant. The hero doesn't take it well with "am I the father?" question then has the heroine go to his lawyer who gives her a check to have an abortion. He states that her pregnancy will hurt the hero's reputation & she's just a mistress. This pushes to heroine to run away. Now, have a year and a half, the hero and heroine are reunited and the hero is ticked. Why? Because the heroine "stole" his child and has a relationship with a male guy from when they went to college together because their living together. He forces the heroine back to his country, where he will marry her in order to legitimatize his daughter. The heroine resists because her parent got married for that reason but they were constantly fighting with the heroine getting caught in the middle of it. Now, the heroine is back in the hero's country where the one person in the crowd to greet the heroine warmly is the hero's half-brother. The hero is as hard as stone, basically insulting the heroine and telling her that they will marry. The hero's right hand man insults her so bluntly that only after the heroine defends him when the half-brother comes does he start to change his opinion of her. Such a quick change, if only the hero could do that. The heroine finds out that when the hero was ten, he was separated from his mother and twin sister. The heroine has to host an assembly and she handles well by not only dressing like they do in their culture but greeting everyone in the native language. The hero is impressed and yet, when he tries to seduce her back into bed, the little girl starts up a fuss and saves the day. The hero takes the heroine out for a meal, where she learns from the hero that his mother & sister where killed in a car accident being pursued by his father's men when they were trying to escape the country because he had told the king without any idea of what would happen. The heroine tries to comfort him but he rejects her cruelly, which causes her to run out of the restaurant and nearly gets hit by a car. The hero pushes her out of the way and takes the hit himself. Luckily, he makes it out with no broken bones. They have a night of passion and our two protagonist learn something new. The heroine learns that the hero was rushing to get back to her and was looking for her when she had disappeared. The hero learns of the lawyer's actions and it was good to know that he didn't want to do that to the two ladies. We can actually see the sweet and the disgust of him thinking of hurting the heroine and their daughter. The heroine agrees to marry him and when the couple start to move forward, the hero finds out the heroine invited the man she was living with to their wedding. That is when the doors fly off unhinged because the hero cancels the wedding and says some pretty awful things to the heroine. The heroine agrees to the cancellation and has the last word then the truth is finally revealed to the hero: Ov Vey! OM is Gay! The hero goes after the heroine, The hero gets down on one knee and asks her forgiveness. The two of them reconcile and get married, a good ending.

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