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Discovering he’s the father of a newborn, Liam hires a beautiful nanny. Despite going through a tough time as a single mother, Jenna appears to be well-bred, making it harder for Liam to resist her. For her part, Jenna is busy hiding her identity as a princess. She fled to the United States in order to hide her relationship with her deceased boyfriend. When she’s obliged to go back to her own country, Jenna must fight her feelings for Liam, which she finds have grown much stronger than she’d realized…

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didn't say that on the resume 5  5

The hero gets a surprise when he opens up to find a baby with a note that its his and the poor woman who gave birth to little baby died right after birth due to complications. The poor man is dumbfounded by the whole situation and the only person he can turn to for help is his brother's single mother housekeeper. The heroine accepts when she hears can spend more time with her baby if she takes on the hero's daughter. He also needs help in learning how to quickly raise her because he was never told by the mother of his impending father and the mother's parents don't think he's up to the job of being a father. The hero hires her with qualifications but it wasn't on her resume that she's a princess of a small country. She is hiding out in the US under the cover that she's studying abroad. Her reason is falling in love with a wonderful man, they planned to get married but he was killed in a peace keeping mission without knowing the heroine was pregnant. So, the heroine disappeared to protect herself and her family from the paparazzi pests. He knows that she has to go back soon but she's still afraid and who wouldn't be. The hero is attracted to the heroine calmness and bright personality, while the heroine is attracted to the hero's determination to be the best dad he can for his little girl and giving the heroine the opportunity to coordinate an event to commercialize their new flower hybrid behind the scenes (her request). The hero can see that the heroine struggles with something and it's not her attraction to him; yet, she refuses to give them answer until they take their relationship to the next level. The night of the big event, the two let passion fly and end up in bed and after their night hotness, the hero asks her to marry but the heroine reveals her true full name as the princess of a small country. The hero is shocked over the news as the heroine explains of how she came to be a housekeeper in the USA. Then the heroine pulls this distance royal act of how she's taking her daughter back to her country to be loved by her family. She also says that by revealing their relationship will have both the hero and his daughter targeted by the paparazzi, something the hero has been desperate to avoid. The hero asks if her parents will allow her to come back under her fake identity,something the heroine can't do and so, she leaves. Now, the hero is sulking and moaning over a globe, looking for the heroine's country. The hero's brothers encourage to go after the heroine and fight for her. He heads to her country and though, he does come across some obstacles when he asks permission to request the heroine's hand in marriage. Brownie points for meeting the parents first. The parents deny his request but the heroine comes in telling the hero if can he live with the boring conversations and living in the palace. He answers that it's all worth it if they can be together with their special girls. There's a ending scene with all four of them bother and it was worth renting.

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