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Therese was elated to be chosen by Prince Claudio as his betrothed from among a number of international bridal candidates. She figured that even if the marriage was just a way to produce an heir to the throne, the two of them would fall in love as they went through life together. But that was before Therese developed endometriosis, which reduced her chances of ever being able to have children. Unable to give Claudio an heir, she feels she doesn't deserve the title of princess any longer and tries to leave him. A gulf grows between them as Therese’s fears prevent her from making love to him anymore. Meanwhile, Claudio grows convinced that Therese has found herself another lover. Can their relationship be healed?

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arrangement first then love 4  4

The hero and heroine are married under an arrangement between their families and they seem to have a good relationship as a friends with exceptions (exceptions being they are legally married and have intercourse). I'm not much for the physical examination that the heroine had to go through to see if she could bear a child and even less so that the hero had his own version of physical exam to see if they were compatible. At the beginning, the heroine thinks they'll grow to love each other but after three years, she starts talking about life as a princess is a prison. The hero has no idea what's started this whole talk but instead of sitting down and asking what started this whole thing, he takes it as an insult and tells her that she got this status because she married him. There are a lot of problems with the marriage, some of which are being kept secret like the heroine's pain because she found out from her secret visits to the US clinic that her chances of conceiving a child are down to impossible and she needs to have surgery soon in order to stop these unbearable pains. Now, the hero has no idea about what's going and I don't blame him for being upset because his wife is never in the mood, she complains about the duties of being a princess, and she won't have coitus with him. I don't blame him for thinking that she might be having an affair, especially since he has no idea of what's going on with her and inside her dad. The same goes for the heroine on trying to figure out the hero. When she finds out the results, she wants to spare the hero the pain but is encouraged by her secretary to him the truth. However, when she goes to see him, he thinks it's about her mystery lover. The heroine denies his accusations and tries to tell him the truth but he brushes her off and runs away. He comes back but only to have intercourse, saying that it's her duty to bear him an heir and that's when the word divorce sprouts from the heroine's lips. The hero leaves not wanting to hear more but they're called together when the King collapses from a heart attack. During the ride, some cruel things are said by the hero who's hurt by the idea that heroine has another man in her life. The King makes it through but is under watch, so the hero and heroine separate. Now, the hero is still in love with the heroine but is drawing a blank on where did it all go wrong and remembers all the lies he said on the way to the hospital were a way to protect himself. Sadly, by protecting himself, he hurt the heroine who's is hurt again when she sees how well and warm the hero's brothers treat their wives. The hero and heroine have another big final confrontation with the same things fought over and over again. There's a hot scene in the shower because the hero is using his body in order to convince the heroine to stay with him but nothing has changed. Then hero gets word from his detective that his wife has been been out of country to Miami when he's out of country. He goes to confront her to find the bedsheets covered in blood and the heroine in a ball on the floor. The whole scene scares him and when he tries to call for an ambulance, the heroine tells him not to and that it's normal for her. He then learns that her trips to Miami have been doctor's visits and realizes the huge mistake he's made. Once, the heroine has her painkillers, they talk about what has really been going on. I did liked that the hero scolds himself for not noticing the heroine's pain. Plus, when the heroine tells the hero of her low chance of conceiving a child or how she needs to have surgery very soon. The hero is more focused on the heroine getting her surgery than the lack of a child. He tells her how important she really is to him and apologizes for all the hurtful things he said and did. What made me happy is that it's not just half a page of apologizing of six pages long and I really liked that. The hero starts showing the heroine affection like kissing her in public, something he's never done before. We have an epilogue with the hero and heroine trying vitro fertilization that succeeds by 3 times and we have a very cute ending.

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